Satin, matt or glossy paint? Which one to choose for which room?

To give a boost to your interior, the application of a new paint is required. There are three different renderings on the market: gloss, mat or satin. The choice will depend on the use of the room, the surface to be covered as well as the level of maintenance.

Satin paint

Paint is one of the most classic and popular wall coverings on the market. It is available in three types of chandeliers, including satin. Particularly sought after for its velvety and soft appearance, the satin paint has the particularity of reflecting the light. In addition, it evenly covers all surfaces.

Another advantage: the satin paint is both washable and washable. You can therefore clean it with detergent. It is especially recommended in children’s bedrooms, hallways, stairwells or hallways. But be careful, before its application, it will be necessary to carry out a very rigorous preparation of the support so that the result obtained is optimal.

Matte paint

Warmth and sobriety, these are the characteristics attributed to the matt effect paint. The latter does not reflect the light. It provides a velvety appearance and a fairly rough feel. Matte paint can also hide small flaws that appear on walls, hence its success.

It brings a traditional and relaxing atmosphere to your interior. On the other hand, as it catches dust and can be messy, it is not recommended to apply it in children’s rooms, the hallway, the entrance or the kitchen.

Indeed, if you can clean it with a sponge, there is no question of washing it with detergent, so it is better to avoid putting it on walls that risk soiling.

Glossy paint

Also called mirror-effect paint, glossy paint reflects light a lot. As it can reveal wall surface defects, it should be applied to a carefully prepared substrate. To do this, the wall must first be cleaned with a soapy solution.

Then, the cracks and the holes must be filled with filler, or wood filler if it is a staircase or a piece of furniture. An undercoat should be applied before painting. Note that the glossy finish will be more emphasized in the water features. Its virtue is to enlarge the space and to be resistant to humidity.

It is also a matter of taste: the shiny appearance can be a little too “bling bling” or too deep, while on the other hand the matte finish will lack shine and leave a flat impression. Ultimately, satin-effect paint does well every time because it comes out well without overdoing it … a good compromise for all rooms!