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Mobile plans are sometimes overpriced, and go beyond the needs of users. By taking an interest in the different offers from your operator, you will be able to save on your mobile bill while continuing to use your phone in the same way.

Mobile phone operators compete with each other

Since the eco minute has existed, I have told you a dozen times about your mobile phone plan, prompting you to jump on promotions when they pass. There is indeed no objective reason to continue paying 20, 30 40 euros per month or more, when we can have an excellent unlimited plan with more data than you will ever use for 10 euros per month or even less.

The last days, Red, B & You and even Sosh clashed by relaunching their offers at 5 euros per month. 5 euros for a completely unlimited plan, with 20 Gigabytes, which corresponds to needs of 95% of subscribers.

Most of these promotions ended last night, but it is almost certain that the battle will restart in the next few days, before going on vacation.

Change plan without changing operator

Above all, and that’s why I’m telling you about it, these promotions are now open to current subscribers and not to future subscribers. This means that you do not have no need to change operator, no need to change sim card. In my case, I just went from a 100 Gigas plan, totally oversized, billed 12 euros per month, to an equally huge plan of 60 gigas, but billed only 8 euros.

My children, who had packages a bit expensive for my taste at 8 euros per month since a wave of price hikes that caused a lot of ink to flow on social networks, were able to drop to 5 euros, still without changing operator.

Remember: 10 euros saved on family packages, that’s 120 euros at the end of the year. 20 euros is 240 euros in a year. And 40 euros is almost 500 euros in savings.

See you tomorrow !

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