Savings: “do yourself a favor”, asks the government

The government’s slogan since the end of containment and, above all, since we know the amount of money that the French put aside during the crisis, having been forced not to spend, is still the same. : it is necessary to consume. Alain Griset, Minister Delegate in charge of SMEs, once again requested it.

French, French: the government asks you to please yourself

Guest on the Good Morning Business program on BFM Business, Alain Griset in turn called the French to consumption. A necessity since consumption is the engine of the French economy; and it’s not as if the French don’t have the means: the savings accumulated by households during the health crisis are estimated to be between 80 and 100 billion euros.

But the minister goes further, believing that spending is the responsibility of the French: “As at the health level, each French person has a share of responsibility “. And if ” the state plays its role, each French person – who can – can contribute in one way or another », He specifies on BFM Business on September 16, 2020.

But beware: if you have to buy, you shouldn’t buy just anything. No question of using the savings to buy the latest PlayStation 5, the latest iPhone 12 … Alain Griset wants the French to have fun in France.

Rest assured, it’s getting a little better so you can spend

For those who keep this cumulative savings as “precautionary savings” in order to face future difficulties, whether in terms of employment or the crisis, Alain Griset is reassuring: “ the situation is a little better than expected “. The latest estimates from the Banque de France concerning the recession in France in 2020 are indeed a little better than expected … which will not prevent the country from experiencing the worst recession in its modern history.

But now, Alain Griset, like the rest of the government, calls on the French ” they could have fun, they could improve their habitat, they could participate in the relaunch “, He gives as an example during his interview, and of course” by buying French, by having a leisure activity when possible “.

May the French therefore stop worrying about this major global economic crisis that awaits them, let them be carefree and consume!

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