Scam: the fake Linky update

Disliked by some, the Linky connected meter, deployed in France for several years, is at the center of a new scam which seems to be spreading on the territory and against which the authorities warn the French: the scam of the “bet up to date “.

Connected and intelligent, should Linky be “updated”?

New technologies call for regular updates of devices and software: flaws that can be exploited by hackers, compatibility, new functions, bug fixes… there are many reasons for deploying an update, which explains why they are regular. All devices, especially connected (but not only) are subject to it … so why not Linky?

It is undoubtedly on this reasoning that the scam which was spotted in the Côtes-d’Armor, and especially in Saint-Brieuc at the end of June 2021 is based. The city even published an alert on its Facebook page so that its inhabitants do not fall into the trap.

Several reports have been made of people going to private homes and claiming the need for an update of the meter. Or, it would simply be a scam to sign papers without people’s consent, such as subscriptions or supplier changes, or even stealing valuables.

Linky does not need home intervention

To avoid getting trapped, as always, it is advisable to ask for the professional card of the person who rings your doorbell, and who has the obligation to present it. For the police, for example, in case of doubt, just call the police station to ask if a team is dispatched to your address …

As for Linky… it does not need manual intervention to be updated. If an update is necessary, it will be done automatically, just as the consumption statement is automatically done. The interest of the deployment of Linky lies, precisely, in the end of the interventions at home, except in the event of breakdown.