Scam: the Linky meter does not need updating

It has been a while since I alerted you to a hot new scam, but the one I’m about to tell you about is worth its weight in peanuts.

Linky meter does not need updating

Now, almost all French households are equipped with a Linky meter. There would remain, according to Enedis, a few hundred thousand meters to install, starting with my home. When he saw my electrical panel, the installer turned around saying it was too much work.

Result of the races, I am protected despite myself against the new scam of the moment that of updating the Linky counter.

The trap is quite simple: as you have been told that the Linky meter is smart, communicating, and therefore, crammed with electronics, it is easy to pretend that the device needs an update.

Any technician must be able to present his professional card

As soon as they arrive, the real fake update installer takes the opportunity to grab a few trinkets lying around or his victim’s cell phone. All while pretending to tamper with the meter.

Others, more daring, spiel the person who opened the door for them and convince them to sign papers, which turn out to be a subscription contract with another energy supplier than theirs. Behind them, by bringing back signed contracts, they get a commission, at least when their victims do not complain and block the change of energy company.

The advice of the day is therefore very simple: any agent of anything that comes to your home and asks to enter your home must prove its quality. And normally he has to do it with a business card. Otherwise, you can leave it on the doorstep.

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