Scams: passbooks with low interest rates

3%, 4%. These are the attractive interest rates that some advertisements by email or on social networks offer.

Low interest rates

The promise is all the more attractive since it is always a question of “Livret”, which is obviously reassuring: we think of the livret A, the popular savings account. The problem is, such returns, such interest rates, are utterly impossible.

Logic: you can borrow to buy an apartment or a house at 1% over 15 or 20 years. There are consumer credits at 0.5%. And yet, every day, small savers get tricked, and entrust 2,000, 5,000, sometimes 20,000, 30,000 euros or even more to licensed crooks.

Can’t get his money back

So of course, the scam is well done: the victims have the impression that they are really dealing with a bank, a foreign bank, with a real website. We give them login credentials to monitor their money, and see how much interest it generates per month.

Except that when they want to recover their money, of course, nothing works anymore, and the nice man who sold them the famous booklet over the phone is suddenly unreachable, his number no longer works. So be vigilant, for yourself, and especially for your loved ones whom you know can be easily convinced. Warn them of this exploding scam right now. Once the money is sent, it is always too late.

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