Scarlet water: what to use at home? What precautions for use?

Scarlet Water is a very convenient product to use at home. Indeed, it allows to detach textiles from stubborn, sticky and thick stains, to revive delicate fabrics and to loosen adhesives. Versatile and available in several bottles as needed, it is a powerful ally on a daily basis. Let’s take stock of its characteristics, the possible uses at home and the precautions to be followed.

What is scarlet water?

Scarlet Water is a very mild stain remover that consists of a mixture of aliphatic solvents. This product removes dirt and stains from fragile fabrics before evaporating. Scarlet water is known for its stain removal properties on oily and sticky stains. But it is also used to remove adhesives and traces of adhesives and other sticky objects, as well as to revive and refresh particular clothes and textiles, such as ties or shirt collars.

How to use scarlet water?

The toughest stains can be removed with scarlet water, including some really complex ones like blood, ink, chocolate, grass, wine, or tar.

It is a particularly easy to use product, as it is now available in several types of vials, each suitable for specific tasks.

How to stain with scarlet water?

Scarlet water helps loosen oily and sticky stains, like oil, glue, grease, wax, tar, shoe polish, grease, etc.

To do this, first remove the excess stain with a cloth or absorbent paper. Then place another clean cloth or absorbent paper under the fabric you want to tear off.

Moisten another clean cloth abundantly with scarlet water and rub the stain and its surroundings gently, in increasingly wide movements. At the same time, ventilate the textile well in order to avoid halos forming.

If there is a bottle of scarlet water suitable for your specific stain, you can do the same and leave it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing off with clean water. Finally, if the fabric allows it, put it in the machine.

How to revive with scarlet water?

Scarlet water can revive the colors and textiles of ties, shirt collars or even scarves.

To do this, quickly soak your textile to be revived in scarlet water. Then let it dry by placing it near an open window for better ventilation. Do not rinse.

If you cannot soak your textile, proceed in the same way as for a stain removal. Soak a clean cloth in scarlet water and gently rub the stain in increasingly wide strokes, while ventilating to avoid halos. Rinse with clean water to finish.

How to peel off sticky marks with scarlet water?

Scarlet water will loosen adhesives, labels, stamps, wax and other residue and sticky objects.

To do this, soak a clean cloth in scarlet water. Dab the surface to be treated to deposit enough product, then leave for a few minutes for better action.

Finally, all you have to do is remove the sticky product you want to peel off.

What precautions for use?

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we advise you to carry out a preliminary test on your textiles, in an inconspicuous place.

Scarlet water is flammable. Do not pour it directly into your washing machine or place in the machine drum a textile soaked in scarlet water and which has not been rinsed beforehand.

Be sure to close the bottle tightly after each use and avoid breathing the product, as the vapors may cause dizziness and drowsiness.

Scarlet water is toxic to aquatic environments. Never pour it down the drain or into the environment. Likewise, avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water in case of contact and consult a specialist if the affected area remains irritated.

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