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The Schillerstövare is a dog that comes from Sweden that specializes in hunting, but also used as a pet. He is a pleasant, unpretentious and very affectionate doggie who will bring joy to his home.

Characteristics of the Schiller’s Hound breed

The Schillerstövare immediately catches the eye with its appearance. Medium in size, it reveals a body writable in a rectangle and expressing velocity and power. Correctly proportioned, it is also illustrated by its marked musculature and its nobility. The Schillerstövare has a horizontal and solid back, a clearly distinctive withers, a wide, long and oblique croup as well as a muscular kidney in addition to a long, well let down and developed chest. The body ends in a straight tail or rather long saber. The dog has a triangular head, relatively long with a more or less wide and convex skull. The stop is well accentuated while the muzzle is long, the nose is black and the nostrils are large. The lips are tight, the cheeks are dry, and the jaws are well developed. The lively eyes are dark brown in color. Going forward, the ears are set high and quite flexible. The Schillerstövare has a short, coarse and lying coat on the body which is longer on the limbs and under the tail. The dress must be fawn and black to be tolerated by the standard.

History of the Schiller Hound breed

Originally from Sweden, the Schillerstövare would have as ancestors Tamburini and Ralla I presented by Per Schiller on the occasion of a dog show. These two dogs of this German farmer looked a lot like the current Schillerstövare. They are said to have been born from a cross between a German hunting dog, an Austrian hunting dog and a Swiss hunting dog. With the success of the British breeds and their considerable development throughout Europe, the blood of these dogs is added to that of the Schillerstövare. In 1907, the latter benefited from a first recognition by the Kennel Club. In 1952, his standard was finally registered.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Schiller’s Hound

The Schillerstövare being a former hunting dog, it is particularly active. What he loves above all, is to exert himself. And it will be necessary to take into account this parameter before choosing it as a pet because if you are sedentary, go your way. Moreover, the breed is also not adapted to an apartment life and will have to evolve in a house with a large garden for its well-being. A large living space does not dispense with walks and daily activities. In everyday life, the Schillerstövare is more of a pleasant, affectionate, devoted companion, a lover of the game and able to be calm when necessary. On the other hand, he also has a strong character, which can complicate his upbringing.

Diet and main health problems of the Schiller’s Hound

The Schillerstövare is a very robust dog that is not predisposed to any specific genetic disease. On the other hand, it is advisable to monitor the possible appearances of ear infections and to carry out a strict health follow-up if it is involved in hunting activities.

Price of a Schiller Hound Dog or Puppy

  • Price Schiller Hound male: n / a
  • Price Schiller Hound female: n / a

Photo credit: M. Milaszewska

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