Scooters and other electric vehicles: fire risk alert – economy

The General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) published a press release on April 29, 2021 to once again raise the alarm regarding the safety of electric motorized vehicles which are on the roads. from France, particularly in town: they risk catching fire or electrocuting the user!

16 devices analyzed… 16 devices deemed non-compliant (8 dangerous)

As part of its surveys carried out in 2019, the DGCCRF once again took an interest in EDPM, electric motorized personal transport vehicles. Scooters, hoverboards or even monowheels are part of it, and already in 2018 controls had pointed to numerous irregularities. No wonder that the agents of the fraud department took an interest in it again. Well Named…

Because if, as the DGCCRF explains in its press release, it targeted ” potentially the least safe products (namely entry-level products and / or that may have been reported as potentially dangerous in the event of a complaint) “, she was not disappointed: all were deemed non-compliant.

Of the 16 devices analyzed, 8 were even qualified as “dangerous”, ie one in two. And of those 8 dangerous EDPMs, 4 have either been recalled and taken off the market.

EDPMs present a risk of fire or electric shock

The main risks that threaten the users of these devices, according to the DGCCRF, are the risk of electric shock “linked to a discharge voltage that is too high” but also a risk of fire due to poor resistance to humidity: water then infiltrates the electrical system producing a short-circuit which can lead to the fire of the machine. But that’s not all: on some EDPMs, a malfunction of the control system has also been identified.

For future buyers, the repression of fraud provides some advice, the first of which is thisi check that the product has received the “CE” certification which guarantees compliance with the quality and safety standards in force in the European Union.

The DGCCRF also reminds all users that to use these EDPMs they ” must have liability insurance “. The latter is generally included in home insurance or other household insurance, but it is advisable to inquire with your insurer of the extent of the guarantees concerning the EDPM.