See the 7 bikinis that promise to be successful in summer 2021 – Lifestyle

The summer finally came out and the 2021 swimwear has arrived with everything. The pandemic changed the fun on hot days, but one thing is certain: it is possible to enjoy the season safely, without leaving style aside. See below the swimsuit and bikini options that promise to hit the season.

1 – Hot Pants

One of the greatest hits of the 1950s has returned to stay for the past five years, and promises another summer along the way. The option is ideal for those who want to feel comfortable and mark the waist.

2 – Printed swimsuit

You know that stylish body you wore all year? It is definitely not time to retire. This versatile, colorful option and very well used in other carnivals remains firm and strong in 2021.

Michelle Passa, influencer of style and family, it’s just cuteness next to daughter Zahara.

3 – Hollow bikini

For those who want to bet on a more daring and sensual style, the model makes the line “shows don’t show”. However, it is a little more behaved than the fashion of the underboob bikini, a hit among the famous in summer 2020.

The model Flavia Charallo is one of the first to bet on the trend.

4- Underboob

For those who want to be happy without fear of showing “the pulp of the chest”, the underboob model is still the bet of some influencers. As is the case with the surfer and skater Giiu Belo, who threw himself on the leopard print model.

5 – Tie Dye

The fever of handmade dyeing arrived in 2020 and remains even more present in the season. Success among the most tuned and influential famous, the abstract print has a more “good vibes” footprint.

An example of this is the content creator Sá Ollebar, she lives on the north coast of São Paulo with her husband and children.

6 – Nude

The trend may seem strange and a little daring, but it has been successful among celebrities, such as Marquezine and Duda Reis, the girlfriend of Nego do Borel. For those who feel uncomfortable with the “naked” effect, the tip is to bet on lighter or darker tones than the skin itself.

7 – Neon

It’s to shine! And nothing better than investing in a set of color block pieces to become a reference point (literally!). This was one of the best of the self-care influencer Lele Martins, also known as @blogueirapcd.

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