Ségur de la santé: hospitals get an additional 8 billion euros

The Minister of Health announced Wednesday, March 31, 2021, during a discussion in the National Assembly, that hospitals would obtain an additional 8 billion euros and that this measure would be recorded in the Ségur de la Santé.

8 billion additional euros

During the annual meeting at the National Assembly which sets the prices of health establishments, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran announced that an increase of 8 billion euros would be added in 2021. This increase increases to 92.9 billion euros resources allocated to health establishments public and private.

Thus, in 2021, prices will, on average, be increased by 7.5% for public and private non-profit hospitals and for private for-profit clinics by 6.4%. This increase will be included in the measures carried by the Ségur de la santé.

An increase in hospital prices

Among the other increases discussed, the Minister of Health announced that the rates of stay in medicine, surgery and obstetrics (MCO) would increase until 2022 by a minimum of 0.2%, and that home hospitalizations would see their tariffs impacted by an increase of 1.5% to help its development.

The resources allocated to follow-up care and rehabilitation (SRH) will benefit from an increase of 2% and those of psychiatry by 2.2%. Increases that go in the direction of a ” major development to support the transformation of these sectors “.

Olivier Véran also announced that the support granted in 2020 to hospitals would be renewed in 2021. “ In 2020, faced with an unprecedented epidemic crisis, our Social Security supported the hospital to enable it to take care of our fellow citizens. We are renewing this support in 2021 ” did he declare. Hospitals will continue to receive exceptional funds in order to be able to strengthen their resuscitation capacity.