Setting up a business in France takes time but the effort pays off

In a globalized economy, heavily impacted by the COVID-19 plague, it is sometimes difficult to take the necessary perspective to understand the changes that are taking place. This crisis which is brought? Ea? lasting slows down work collaborations a? the international scale and investment prospects of a country? another. Although today, it is easy to change by videoconference

so as not to lose a link that may have been forged in the past, is it much more complicated? to build close relationships, especially in France or? the fruit of work is often built over time, in order to establish relationships of trust.

Patience is the mother of safety?

There are two things that distinguish France from other major world markets at the cultural level: the French language which remains consciously, or not, a source of pride? rooted even in commercial practices, and a deep cultural aspect that shapes interactions between people, and allows for the establishment of a relationship of trust.

France is a country which values ​​excellence in work. The French want everything to be perfect, fair and precise, without having to? rush to be the first to offer a new technology or a necessary service. Will they value quality? and will wait to be recognized for the precision of their expertise, rather than the speed. execution. This is obviously a laudable way of operating since it emphasizes preparation and installs the vision of seriousness over the long term. We must not forget that France remains the fifth largest economic power in the world and has more than 30 companies among the 500 most powerful in the world, in particular companies from all sectors present throughout the world. es for quality? of the services offered.

France is an open country, much more than it might seem at first glance. Although certain cultural aspects seem surprising for a foreigner, his opening towards the world does not date from yesterday, and tends towards? grow stronger over time. English is becoming less and less a barrier to exchange. And because of its rich economic fabric, France also appears as a country of unique Latin culture in the face of? Italy for example. Continuous innovation and international integration are examples of how things are changing and moving in the right direction. In France, we are far from the “Go, go go! From Anglo-Saxon countries, but this is ultimately quite positive.

With its strong academic background, France is also recognized as one of the best countries in terms of engineering training. Solidity? of its training is a wealth

allowing international companies to perfect their offerings and collaborate with many talents.

Once launched, the road is long and pleasant

We often have fun at? compare countries with each other, especially on their capacity? at? undertake and offer opportunities? those who get off the boat. We can also believe, sometimes a? wrong, that countries like the United States or the United Kingdom offer more opportunity? those who will have the ambition and the desire to succeed.

To be honest, it is true that it is easier to enter into trade relations in countries with a? Anglo-Saxon culture, because the fact of working has? the international scale is easier, but this can prove to be misleading over time. Because although it is more ambitious to find a place in France, it is much easier to maintain a relationship built on trust.

What, at first glance, may appear to be an obstacle may ultimately turn out to be a strength. Indeed, a lasting working relationship is preferable and allows to work on projects to? long term, to offer more interesting local perspectives and to continue to open up to cultural plans which are deeper.

There is no point in rushing since it takes time to build lasting relationships of trust. Sometimes it’s better to focus on a particular aspect. For example, it is more interesting to build quality regional relations? before tackling? conquer the market national. Obviously, each region has a particular commercial area that must be cherished, understood and enriched.

On an international business level that wishes to develop its activities in France, the double internal collaboration of a person established in France, with a foreign counterpart who will be able to provide the necessary solutions which answer to? specific expectations is very important. It is crucial to assimilate local practices, in order to propose the best approach. Because although it takes time to adapt and work in the field, France remains a country where? the quality? remains a priority ?. A company wishing to establish itself in this country must be aware that it will only succeed by offering quality services that will meet this need. a long-term vision.

There is no miracle recipe for doing Business in France, just common sense. The world is opening up more and more, and despite? the health crisis which impacts all sectors, this will continue to? accentuate.
Each country, each region will keep its specificities, and that’s it. the one who wishes to settle that it will take great effort to prove that he has things has? bring, without seeming to be only there to gain market share. This strategy often pays off since it currently allows us to see tangible successes on the market? French. But above all, showing your interest through philanthropic actions to show that everything is not just a question of return on investment but of future prospects for all the actors involved, a ? start with those who benefit from it. For that, France is a country or? these possibilities are endless.