SFR: layoffs despite higher earnings, anger is mounting – teller report

Thursday, June 24, 2021, in front of the headquarters of SFR, operator owned by the Luxembourg holding Altice of billionaire Patrick Drahi, it was time for the demonstration. Following the call from the unions, the employees walked out against the announcement of the social plan that they considered to follow an economic logic while the company is doing more than well.

All the green lights for SFR

As for all operators, 2020 was a very good year for SFR: all the lights are green. The operator gained subscribers, saw its turnover increase by 2.4% (to 10.6 billion euros) and experienced pre-tax net income of 4.218 billion euros, up 3%. But that does not prevent him from having announced, in 2020, a social plan advancing, as a cause, the Covid-19.

However, it is this social plan that does not pass. Abdelkader Choukrane, elected member of the Unsa union interviewed by FranceTVInfo on June 24, 2021, believes that this social plan is not justified: ” There is only one reason, that of job cuts for purely financial reasons “. The group has indeed announced the elimination of around 2,000 jobs, including less than a quarter (400) in its distribution network, shops, whose attendance has fallen sharply because of the Covid-19.

SFR changes tone from the start of the health crisis

The unions therefore called for demonstrations in front of the company’s head office, in particular because of the change in management’s discourse. Abdelkader Choukrane points out to FranceTVInfo, that in 2020 ” they told us that everything was fine ” and ” employment was stable over the two years “. However, from the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the discourse would have changed.

Three months later they came back with a plan to delete by telling us about the Covid crisis, which does not affect telecoms. They then claimed that there was competition in telecoms », Explains the trade unionist.