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SFR lifetime guaranteed packages: complaint for “deceptive commercial practices”

SFR lifetime guaranteed packages: complaint for "deceptive commercial practices"

The consumer defense association, UFC-Que Choisir, announced on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, in a press release, that it had filed a complaint against the mobile operator SFR for ” deceptive marketing practices’.

SFR packages ” guaranteed for life

For several months, the operator SFR was in turmoil, accused by many customers of having inflated the prices of its packages ” guaranteed for life “. The case will not end there, since UFC-Que Choisir announced Tuesday, May 11 in a press release that it had filed. a complaint for ” deceptive marketing practices Against SFR.

UFC-Que Choisir first of all wished to recall the facts which led to the complaint for ” deceptive marketing practices “. Thus, the association recalls that between January 2018 and December 2019, SFR launched a vast marketing operation in order to attract new customers. For the occasion, several new slogans had emerged: “ RED by SFR. It’s green. It’s clear ” or ” With RED by SFR, it’s different “Or even the slogan aimed at discrediting the competitor” When it’s too beautiful, it necessarily hides something! “.

SFR accused of ” deceptive marketing practices

This marketing campaign was accompanied by the arrival of new packages whose prices were intended not to change. UFC recalls that SFR then offered ” offers without commitment and without condition of duration “. On Twitter, the operator went even further, promising prices “ guaranteed for life “. Only between September and December 2020, the prices of these packages have soared, ” According to the case, tariff increases range from 30% to 75% of the initial price ! “.

UFC-Que Choisir therefore began an investigation and the outcry of customers helped it in this endeavor. By filing a complaint, UFC-Que Choisir asks for the conviction of SFR for ” deceptive marketing practicess ”but also compensation for customers and consumers harmed by these practices.

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