Shabby Chic decor: what is this trend? What characterizes it?

That’s it, you have decided, your new decor is for now. You have a crazy desire to revamp your interior. And as with your clothes or your hairstyle, you would like the decoration of your home to look like you. From the color of your walls to your furniture and the texture of your accessories, everything gives those who come into your home a sense of who you really are.

Some trends have been around for a long time. Others appear regularly. The Shabby Chic trend is a decoration trend that is gaining momentum. However, she was born in the 80s, in the United States.

So what is this trend? What characterizes it? How to decline it in each room of your interior? See if this is a style that can match you and if you could adopt it easily.

Shabby chic decor: what is this trend?

To sum up the Shabby Chic style, it’s customary to say it’s a minimalist style that feels spontaneous – everything seems to have been laid out there, or even thrown there by chance but is actually very worked out. When we say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, it is a bit of an illustration of Shabby Chic. The space is made up of multiple accessories, furniture, trinkets, works of art, souvenirs, etc. But that doesn’t mean the rooms are cluttered. It is a decoration that is at the same time relaxed, comfortable, chic which has for key words: vintage, natural, luminosity, romanticism, harmony.

It is a style that may have been considered obsolete but which is returning to the forefront of the modernized stage and adapted to our lifestyles today. It is not easy to create especially when you are used to a more “linear” style, but it is worth taking an interest in it … And why not adopt it!

Shabby chic decor: what characterizes it?


Shabby Chic decoration puts know-how in the spotlight. Whether you go for crafts or make your own furniture and accessories, they will be unique in any case. The characteristic of Shabby Chic decoration is to adopt antique furniture which presents a kind of patina, like a worn effect – hence the name of this style shabby meaning worn out in English. Aged wood or reclaimed wood lend themselves perfectly to the creation of furniture following the Shabby Chic decoration. You can of course complete the decoration with cushions, plaids, vases, tablecloths, candlesticks and tealight holders that are made in a traditional way or in DIY (Do It Yourself).

Natural materials

The more you introduce natural materials, the better you will respect the Shabby Chic decoration. Select pieces of wood with a natural stain. Opt for cotton or wool rugs and linen cushions and throws for a feeling of natural comfort. Or choose large sisal rugs. Make the choices of braided fibers, leather, animal skins, etc.

Fairly neutral colors

And the color? Of course, you need to decide on a color scheme before you start. Shabby Chic is both rather neutral tones such as white for brightness or creamy white, white grays or even pale colors such as powder pink or pastel blue. It is true that a soft and neutral backdrop, including the floor, will allow you to dress the rest of the space with your charming finds without the decoration looking overloaded. But there is no real rule. Tonic or softer colors, it is entirely up to you and your taste. You can always use Pinterest or use a search engine to find images that will give you inspiration.

Romantic prints

Pretty rose prints, white wood, and slightly retro accessories can create a romantic backdrop. Because Shabby Chic has a very feminine side. There is no denying the feminine nature of Shabby Chic. This is why this decoration can perfectly suit a little girl’s room. Patterns of roses, ballerinas, hearts, painted furniture and shades girly make it a lovely little girl’s room. Bet on patterned wallpaper.

Of accumulation and mixtures

To make your decoration unique and to prevent it from being too flat, mix the accessories, their sizes and also their textures. In a soothing neutral tone, multiply the fabrics (crochet, cotton, linen, lace, etc.). The solution is a minimum of colors for a maximum of details.

Shabby chic decor: in which room of the house?

The Shabby Chic lounge

This is the room where you can let your imagination run wild. Start with a vintage sofa, accompanied by a wooden coffee table. On the sofa, have throws and cushions for maximum comfort. You can add an armchair, why not in velvet, to read and relax. Multiply artwork and mirrors – these are great for adding light. To add an invitation to curl up on your sofa or to rest in your armchair, arrange the rugs, for a feeling of comfort and warmth. Finish with a few plants. How about a palm tree or some cacti? Of course, they will need light – to let in as much as possible. If your room is not bathed in natural light, treat yourself to vintage lamps or a minimalist pendant light.

The Shabby Chic kitchen

It’s a room where you can easily adopt the mismatch. Whether for chairs or kitchen utensils or crockery, their variety creates a chic and elegant look. You can play this card with your pots and pans. This eclectic mix will bring contrast and life to your decoration.

The Shabby Chic room

Metal bed frames can be a nice starting point for a Shabby Chic decor because they are present without being too bulky and imposing. Regarding the bedding, opt for all white or all cream with colored pillows and a patterned bedspread. Add a more traditional dresser or cabinet. Finally, finish with a rug in a natural texture or color.

The Shabby Chic bathroom

Two solutions are available to you in terms of tiling. Either go for calming pastel tiles or choose a more modern white subway tile to contrast with the rest of the furniture in the room. If you chose white tiles for the floor, bring in muted, soft colors for the rest. And conversely, if you opt for pastel tiles on the floor, create an all-white bathroom elsewhere. Then have a walk-in bathtub in the middle of the room, it’s a must-have for the Shabby Chic bathroom. And choose an old-fashioned shower head and faucets.

Finally, mismatch once more, the rest of the accessories. Towels, storage baskets, inject variety. Finish with plants, which can also be different sizes.

The Shabby Chic desk

Shift there again. What if you brought the outdoors inside by choosing a garden table as your desk? Create the contrast. Obviously, your office and the space around it must remain functional.

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