Shell pool: advantages, disadvantages, construction price

Many owners take advantage of winter to finally build the swimming pool they have dreamed of for a long time in their garden in order to take advantage of swimming pleasures from the first spring sunshine. But choosing a swimming pool is not a snap. You must of course be interested in the different models offered, in the configuration of your land, but also in your budget. The shell pool has the wind in its sails because its installation is fast. But what is it exactly? What are its strengths, its negative sides, and what budget to devote to its construction? This is what we will see without delay.

Shell pool: what is it?

This in-ground swimming pool has the particularity of being factory molded. It’s a monobloc pool Hard. It is available in different materials, namely:

  • A material composite such as vinyl: we sometimes speak of ” vinylester “” Or VE, made from an epoxy prepolymer,
  • The polyester, made from eponymous fibers derived from a mixture of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol,
  • Theacrylic, which is nothing but a patented industrial process. The pool wall is made of acrylic while the structure is reinforced with fiberglass. It does not suffer the harmful effects of osmosis and displays a correct durability.

More rarely, shell pools are found in ceramic, a very trendy decorative swimming pool covering material, mainly appreciated for its aesthetic appeal. This material is also non-slip, it comes in a multitude of colors, and is resistant to scratches. But it necessarily involves the installation of an underlayer to make the pool perfectly waterproof.

Whatever material you choose, this pool is a comfort product that the manufacturer delivers to your home. It only remains to install it.

When choosing a shell pool, it is best not to go it alone. The best way to find the right material is to seek advice from a pool specialist who will know how to study the feasibility of his client’s project according to possible local issues.

Shell pool: advantages

If there are so many in-shell pools sold each year, it is because this type of basin molded in the workshop has many advantages that appeal to consumers, the main ones being:

  • The installation time is extremely reduced compared to an in-ground concrete swimming pool (non-monobloc).
  • Swimming pool which comes in a multitude of variations, at:
    • Dimensions,
    • The shape of the pelvis since standard models are available (round, square, rectangular, octagonal, bean-shaped, etc.) but each customer can also opt for a free form, which leaves all possibilities in terms of design,
    • Great freedom for its layout such as the position of submerged steps, stairs, diving board … as well as their number,
    • The inclination of the bottom, which can be very steep, moderately inclined or even completely flat,
    • From the depth of the pool, each customer can opt for a swimming pool or a pleasure swimming pool can be used by young children or people (even adults) who cannot swim but simply want to enjoy the pleasure of immersing themselves in swimming pool water throughout the summer.
  • A less rapid clogging than that of the liner that must be installed on other types of swimming pools, because the coating of the shell model is ultra smooth. This prevents dust and debris of all kinds from attaching to the walls.
  • More economical in terms of maintenance both in terms of efforts to provide and cleaning products to buy. The maintenance system does not present any complexity because its shell is very easy to clean.
  • The possibility of setting up a magnificent bathing area which offers the choice of decorating the surroundings of the swimming pool at your convenience.

If you want to have a beautiful in-ground private pool, there is no doubt that this swimming pool is a model that can make the difference.

Shell pool: disadvantages

Although it multiplies the advantages, the shell swimming pool can present some disadvantages for some people. We can blame him for the following points.

  • Required certain procedures with the town hall of its municipality before its construction, according to its size (surface and height) and the rules of town planning.
  • Obligation to apply a gel coat on a block pool in polyester or vinyl ester so that it resists UV rays and displays its final color.
  • The need to completely empty the basin approximately every 7 years in order to renew Coat gel because of the osmosis phenomenon that polyester swimming pools undergo in particular.
  • The absence of a ten-year guarantee in most cases: this is due to the impact of the ground on the swimming pool in the event of ground movement, because the renovation of a monobloc swimming pool is complicated, or even impossible depending on the damage it has suffered. It is however possible to choose a professional who offers a ten-year guarantee at least on the block pool structure.
  • The obligation to reinforce its installation if you are not sure of the perfect stability of the ground: if you do not take this precaution, you run the risk of extreme cracks. However, it is not easy to restore a shell pool, especially if you have chosen an entry-level or mid-range model because after only a few years, if you have to replace the Gel Coat – c ‘that is, its gelled layer – it is almost impossible to find the same color as the original one.
  • Sometimes very high delivery costs: the delivery difficulties are responsible. A shell pool can be very large. It is in the majority of cases transported from the place of manufacture to the customer’s home by truck then its installation is carried out using a crane. But depending on the configuration of the land and the difficulties of access to the property, it may be impossible to deliver this type of pool to the customer by regular means.

The delivery problem may be almost impossible to solve for some people. This is a situation that we encounter from time to time among owners who live for example in the mountains where the shell pool can only be delivered by air. It is therefore necessary to have a substantial budget to finance a helicopter delivery, which is obviously added to the purchase price of the swimming pool which is 5,000 to 24,000 € depending on its size and shape for a polyester model. For information, the hourly rate applied in the case of transport by helicopter is around € 2,000 to € 2,500 per hour!

Before deciding on this type of pool, you must of course make sure that none of its disadvantages are prohibitive. If this is the case, it is better to opt for a concrete pool that you build on site.

Construction price of a shell pool

The cost of building a shell pool requires a budget which can be significant for some households. Her pose must indeed be entrusted to a professional : this may disappoint the owner of the land who had planned to build his own swimming pool. But this type of monobloc basin implies great knowledge in earthwork and real know-how, its installation being very technical. Logically, this implies an additional expense. There is a minimum of 3,000 to 4,000 € for the construction of the shell pool, an amount which can be much higher depending on the issues facing the craftsman. This rate includes:

  • Digging / earthworks,
  • The installation of the monobloc basin,
  • Evacuation of earth and rubble,
  • The connections,
  • The backfill,
  • The final layout.

The budget to plan for the construction of a shell swimming pool cannot be obtained precisely only on estimate because the craftsman needs a lot of information to quantify this delicate project. Be that as it may, it should be remembered that the price including installation is now between € 470 and € 580 per square meter. This price is more or less decreasing according to the size of the basin since the larger it is, the lower the price per M². That gets along excluding delivery price of course…

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