Short Suit (blazer + tailoring shorts) for Women: Elegant trend and nothing basic

checkered short suit

The short Suit (blazer + tailoring shorts) can be smooth, printed, colored or even sober, but the fact is: you will want a little set in your closet.

The trend has already won over some celebrities who have crossed the red carpet on different occasions, each with their own set of blazer and shorts.

The combinations are incredible in this trend, because you can break the “formal” look with fun t-shirts and fancy accessories.

trend short suit spring summer 2014
In other words, just let your imagination go and abuse this trend!

Looks with blazer and tailoring shorts

printed blazer shorts

veluso social blazer and shorts

linen blazer and shorts

blazer and shorts social white looks

striped social blazer and shorts

red social blazer and shorts

blazer and shorts set

short suit blazer and printed shorts

short suit blazer and shorts social striped

short suit how to use

striped short suit for women

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