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Tourist rental is accused of all the evils, both by the hotel sector and by the tax authorities… but it will be much more complicated in the future. AirBnb has announced that it will comply with the new transparency rules which make it possible to fight against certain illegal practices. Dozens of advertisements in major cities in France could disappear and be blocked.

AirBnb: no ad without registration number

Some property owners in major tourist towns in France may have difficulty listing their property on the leader in peer-to-peer rental platforms, AirBnb. The group announced Monday, February 8, 2021 that it wants to implement the regulations in force directly on its platform, at the level of owner-lessors.

Since January 1, 2019, in fact, many cities in France have conditioned the possibility of renting a property temporarily for less than 30 days to registration with the Town Hall. One way to fight against fraud and to enforce the maximum number of nights for tourist rental, while some properties are rented all year round.

If the obligation to register is incumbent on landlord owners, the platforms seemed to care little. That should change with this AirBnb decision.

Paris first, then 8 other cities before 2021

In fact, it’s simple: gradually in the course of 2021, AirBnb will ban the rental of a property if the owner does not have a registration number, and this number will be visible on the ad. Paris, which has been fighting for years against the phenomenon of short-term rentals which artificially increase rents for Parisians by reducing the traditional rental supply, will be the first city concerned.

Lyon and Bordeaux will then arrive so that before the end of 2021, nine cities in all, with the implementation of these rules in Lille, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg and Toulouse, are affected by the registration obligation.

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