Should I quit WhatsApp for Signal? – EconomyMorning

It is difficult to escape the current controversy over social networks: should we or should we not quit WhatsApp and if so, what should we replace the flagship global messaging system?

New, more secure messaging

You have undoubtedly heard about the success of competing alternative messaging, more confidential, more secure, in short, packed with quality. We are talking about Signal here, for example, or Telegram. The problem, that these applications also have their flaws. For example, Telegram is basically a Russian app, which might not be appealing to everyone.

To its credit, however, know that the Russian government, after trying for two years to ban it, finally gave it up, and that it harbors the conversations of many opponents of the regime.

Olvid, a French application

But if, in the end, you’ve made up your mind to quit WhatsApp, and rebuild groups of friends and conversations somewhere, why don’t you use Olvid. In addition to fully decentralized operation, not dependent on any central server, allowing direct communications between users, Olvid has another trump card up his sleeve: the app is 100% French.

We owe its development to French cryptographic engineers. And among the choices made to develop Olvid, these engineers have removed any notion of directory. It might seem like a flaw, but on second thought, right now for some it could be seen mostly as a benefit …

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