Shower or tub in the bathroom? Our advices !

Are you planning a complete bathroom renovation? The question of choosing between a shower or a bathtub will inevitably arise.

A real dilemma, especially since the choice will impact your comfort and your well-being. Take the time to think carefully and follow these tips before making a decision.

The joys of the bathtub

Comfort is the number one criterion that drives people to choose a bathtub. Indispensable for comfortable cocooning sessions, the bathtub promises moments of relaxation after a hard day’s work. Nothing like slipping into water at room temperature, embellished with bath salts, essential oils and a few rose petals. And for this relaxing session to reach its climax, light small candles along the edges.

Having a bathtub at home also ensures better comfort if you have children. Your little ones will have the opportunity to enjoy this little moment of play in the bathtub. The bath thus becomes a symbol of pleasure and sharing with brothers and sisters or with parents.

The only downside that arises: the bathtub takes up a lot of space. And that’s what keeps a lot of people from having one at home. To overcome this problem, manufacturers have developed new models that have a smaller footprint, such as cut-off or asymmetrical bathtubs.

The bath is also judged not to be economical in terms of water and energy. In addition, if it is done every day, it is important to allow time.

The shower, practical and economical

Since the arrival of Italian showers which offer more space and prevent us from bumping into the walls everywhere, as well as the creation of XXL shower heads that give us the impression of being under a pleasant fine rain, the shower has gained in popularity. braid. Practical and fast, it brings dynamics to the body thanks to the hydromassage jets fitted to many shower cubicles today.

Compared to the bathtub, there is no need to have a large space to install a shower, thus constituting a very appreciable space saving. People of all ages can also access it without any risk. In terms of decoration, again, all creative daring and configurations are possible.

Despite its many advantages, the shower also has its limits. One of its main drawbacks is its unsuitability for children. Imagine the acrobatic exercises you will have to indulge in when showering them.

In the end, the choice between a shower and a bathtub will depend mainly on your habits. If you have children or are planning to have them soon, the bathtub will be the best solution. The budget is also important when you know that a bathtub (especially if it is equipped with the latest technologies) will cost more to purchase, not to mention its installation. One of the last criteria to consider is space. Because there is no point in having a bathtub if it is very small and does not allow you to enjoy it 100%.

Ideally, you should be able to have both!