Shower wall: what alternative to tiling?

You want to redo your bathroom or in any case all the part concerning the shower and you have had enough of the eternal tiling? Be aware that you are still spoiled for choice when it comes to materials. What may seem unrealistic to you at first may seem quite possible to you in the end. Yep, who said wood in a bathroom is out of the question? What material can suit your shower wall? Wood, concrete, natural stone, etc.

Tiling is a classic in the bathroom. Because tiles are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. They are also very easy to maintain. They just need to be cleaned regularly to avoid lime scale and stains. However, it’s not just tiles in life! Read instead! Let yourself be inspired by other materials.

A simply painted plaster shower wall

You don’t want a special coating, you want to keep it simple. You can simply paint your plaster wall. Of course, because you are in a bathroom, you will have to take care of the humidity. So remember to spend several coats of paint, you can opt for primers or varnishes: check in paint stores so as not to make a mistake. The products you are going to opt for must be specially manufactured and used in bathrooms. Otherwise you could quickly see your paint peeling.

Special bathroom paints give your shower wall a waterproof surface treatment. This makes them resistant to water and water vapor. They are intended to be prevented from peeling off prematurely. They are also enriched with additives against mold and bacteria to guarantee even better protection of your walls. If white is too monotonous for you, you can paint your shower wall in any color you like. Let your wall dry well to prevent mold growth!

A natural stone shower wall

A natural stone shower wall gives you a feeling of comfort, tranquility and a very elegant appearance. In addition, it is a long-term investment because the stone is particularly durable and its color does not move! Natural stone is commercially available in two versions: on the one hand with a rather rough exterior appearance and on the other hand in a polished appearance with a shiny surface. You can use both types for your shower wall. The rougher surface gives your bathroom a more authentic touch that will appeal to purists more, but it’s much harder to clean than the smooth alternative.

Additionally, natural stone can withstand high temperatures and high humidity levels, making it perfect for the bathroom. A natural stone wall also stores the heat given off by the radiators and returns it to the room. This guarantees a pleasant room climate and a relaxing feeling of well-being. As with all materials as a whole, some types of stone need to be well coated to ensure their quality is maintained over time, so it is best to seek specialist advice beforehand.

An elegant marble shower wall

Marble is a particularly noble material with a unique texture. When it comes to coating, it is one of the most expensive materials. Although marble is a natural limestone, it deserved special treatment as it is really a very popular stone in damp rooms. Marble is created by long transformations of minerals, which in the earth are exposed to great heat and pressure. If you choose a marble shower wall, you can choose from a wide range of colors with various shades and unique color combinations. This material has the particular advantage of being waterproof and easy to clean. In contrast, crystalline limestone is very sensitive to acids, fats and oils. If you do stains, wash them off immediately with lukewarm water and a cloth.

An original pebble shower wall

Are you looking for a chic and original style for your shower wall? Pebbles not only bring that little something, but also bring a holiday atmosphere within your own four walls! It’s up to you to decide what style to give to your shower, choosing the color of the stones and the joints. A snow-white wall, for example, radiates elegance, while more brown stones, on the other hand, give off more warmth.

A cozy and warm wooden shower wall

If you want above all to transform your bathroom into an oasis of well-being, opt for wood. Wood? In the bathroom? Yes, thanks to a special treatment, the wood lives well in a humid atmosphere. It also gives a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Wood panels on your shower wall not only provide an extra warm feeling, but are also very trendy. Obviously, it is essential to provide adequate ventilation to prevent their swelling.

A simple and modern concrete shower wall

The use of concrete in your shower gives it a unique character. It immediately evokes a minimalist design. Concrete – a mixture of cement, gravel and sand, is very strong and durable. The specially treated and finely sanded concrete can be easily cleaned in your bathroom. If you don’t like the gray look of the material, colors can be added. This is done during installation.

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