Shumakov scored a lacrosse goal again

On the second try of the season.

Omsk Avangard on Monday celebrated Bob Hartley’s birthday with a confident home victory over Amur – 8: 2. The Far East fell apart in the second period – and so they could not get together anymore.

In 5 minutes in the middle of the match, Omsk scored 4 goals and increased the score difference to +5. Forward Sergey Shumakov was the most active in this segment.

On the 33rd minute, he was quickest to orientate himself on finishing. And on the 36th he already performed his favorite feint – the lacrosse goal.

Not that the Amur hockey players are obliged to know all of Shumakov’s favorite feints, but when preparing for the game with Avangard, the coaches had to point out the possibility of such a technique. Even in the last match – against Dynamo Moscow – Sergey tried to score with lacrosse.

Goalkeeper Ivan Bocharov and defender Mikhail Grigoriev played competently there – the attacker of Avangard failed to throw.

After that match, he told R-Sport: “I have already scored lacrosse goals, and I’m confident that I will score some more. I try, it doesn’t always work like today, but we will do it. ” But in “Amur” none of the field ones read the fresh press – but goalkeeper Yevgeny Alikin as a whole correctly blocked the upper corner.

It seems that it’s time to call this trick on the territory of the KHL Shumakov’s throw – Andrey Svechnikov began to indulge in this trick much later than Sergei. The first attempts at the current leader of the Hawks began in the 2015/16 season – then the 15-year-old future leader of Karolina played in the Ak Bars system.

Formally, this goal in the KHL should be called the goal of Luchinkin (he was the first in the league to score this way, only there is no video) or Indrashis (the first who scored this way after Granlund’s goal at the 2011 World Cup), but Shumakov simply uses this technique much more often – he scores more often.

What’s in the regular season for outsiders:

What’s in the playoffs for the reigning champion:

“When there is confidence, such thoughts creep into my head: maybe we should try [финт]… [Если получается], it nails the opposing team: they immediately start to get nervous, beat on the hands.

Actually, I think everyone can repeat this trick. You just need to make up your mind and choose a moment so that you don’t have time to knock it out. And it also depends on the time – the beginning of the period or the end. In the beginning – the stick is dry, it is easier for you to lift it, and when the end – it is all wet, in the snow, it is already heavier, ”Shumakov said in an interview with the Melnitsa show this summer.

So far, Sergey has a 50% realization of this trick in the season. Although he is probably worried about other numbers: 3 + 1 in three games – he shares the lead in goals and points in Avangard with Reed Bush, the American also has 3 + 1.

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