Simplifying appointment management: a guarantee of quality for all – EconomyMatin

The management of appointments is positioned as a key subject in many sectors of activity. Complex to perform, this task, traditionally carried out manually, is now showing its limits and requires relying on new devices more suited to new uses. It is in this context that digital is a valuable ally for making appointments more reliable and managing.

The need to meet the needs of businesses and users

Whether for professionals or their clients, making an appointment is often a complex task. For professionals, the difficulty consists, for example, in relying on employees dedicated to this task who are not available 24 hours a day and who must manually carry out numerous time-consuming operations without added value (follow-up, confirmation, etc.). For end users, making an appointment is often an obstacle course and once the appointment is planned, no follow-up is offered. So how do you do it?

Integrate appointment management with the company’s IS

It is in this context that appointment management tools tend to become digital and become more and more connected to the information system. They then become available anywhere and anytime, easily synchronize with electronic agendas and automatically assign appointments to employees based on their availability and skills.

The digital appointment management tools also feature major innovations such as notification systems that allow reminder messages to be sent to clients so that they do not forget their appointmentss. Finally, companies will be able to measure post-appointment customer satisfaction in real time via surveys sent by email or SMS. Companies will thus be able to collect value-added information to improve their actions and processes. In short, the quality of service will therefore be significantly improved.

Offer a new user experience

The digital management of appointments must also integrate the dimension of customer experience. Indeed, the tools offered must be attractive, reassuring and easy to use. In this sense, substantive work must be carried out in the design of the interfaces offered to customers.. They will also have to use all the codes of the company, in particular its graphic charter. These elements will make it possible to transform the customer experience into an engaging task for users (business side as for end customers).

The digital management of appointments is therefore a strategic project in the service of a modernized customer relationship. Very in tune with current uses, it is experiencing strong growth. While certain professions, such as the medical sector, were pioneers in this area, this approach is currently undergoing strong development in many sectors: retail, car dealerships, public sector, etc. The industrialization of the management of appointments is thus a key axis to stand out and increase its competitiveness in an increasingly competitive market.