Since 2000, natural disasters have cost 2.110 billion euros

The natural disasters that have occurred since the beginning of the 21st century have caused the global economy a cumulative cost of 2.110 billion dollars, calculated the NGO Germanwatch.

Natural disasters: 475,000 lives lost since the start of the 21st century

The start of the 21st century was “rich” in natural disasters. 11,000 extreme weather events have occurred since 2000. In all, 475,000 people have lost their lives in these natural disasters between 2000 and 2020. The bulk of these deaths have been in Puerto Rico, Myanmar and Haiti. As for the economic damage, these disasters cost 2.110 billion euros, calculated the NGO Germanwatch.

Developing countries are logically the most impacted by these extreme weather events, a consequence of global warming. They are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of a hazard but have a weaker adaptive capacity.

Natural disasters: the poorest countries suffer the most

According to Germanwatch estimate, 8 of the 10 countries most affected by the quantified impacts of extreme weather events in 2019 fall into the low to lower middle income category. Half of them are least developed countries. Ultimately, the countries most affected in 2019 were Mozambique, Zimbabwe and the Bahamas.

Of the ten countries most affected in 2019, six were hit by tropical cyclones. Recent scientific data indicates that the number of severe tropical cyclones will increase every tenth of a degree increase in the global average temperature.