Singapore vaccination reaches nearly 70%, will relax epidemic prevention next week

Singapore vaccination reaches nearly 70%, will relax epidemic prevention next week

The Singapore government will begin easing Covid-19 prevention measures on August 10 when vaccination rates increase.

Singapore’s Covid-19 vaccination rate is expected to reach 70% by the holiday National Day 9/8. Photo: AFP

The Singapore government has repeatedly adjusted measures to prevent Covid-19 since May 2021 due to the increase in the number of domestic infections, which is mainly caused by the fast-spreading variant Delta. Most recently on July 22, Singapore tightened anti-epidemic measures by restricting gatherings.

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung, who is co-head of Singapore’s Covid-19 task force, said the number of daily infections had stabilized since This country applies new restrictive measures. During that time, Singapore’s two-dose Covid-19 vaccination rate has increased from 40% to 67%, as of August 5.

“We have prevented the uncontrolled increase of infections, severe cases and deaths,” Minister Ong Ye Kung said.

Singapore is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world for Covid-19 vaccination. According to the estimate of Minister Ong Ye Kung, Singapore’s Covid-19 vaccination rate will reach about 70% by the National Day holiday on August 9.

However, Minister of Industry and Trade Gan Kim Yong, co-head of Singapore’s Covid-19 task force, said that as a significant portion of the population is still not fully vaccinated, the Singapore government will adopt different social rules. each other, based on vaccination status.

On August 10, Singapore will relax the regulation allowing social gatherings from 2 to 5 people. But the government encourages people who have not been vaccinated to follow the rule not to gather in groups of 2 or more people.

Dining activities at food and beverage establishments will not be allowed to gather more than 5 people, if they are fully vaccinated or have a negative Covid-19 test result within 24 hours. Meanwhile, dining activities at outdoor food centers and cafes are only allowed up to 2 people, even if they have been vaccinated.

In addition, the Singapore government also announced the relaxation of some entry restrictions. From August 10, Singapore will allow more work visa holders and their dependents to enter if they are fully vaccinated. And from August 20, tourists Fully vaccinated from several countries, including: Australia, Canada, Germany, and Korea, can enter the country and carry out mandatory quarantine at home.

“We are in a better position to continue our reopening journey, but in a cautious and adjusted way,” Singapore’s Minister of Industry and Trade emphasized.

The Singapore government is expected to relax the epidemic prevention measures further around the beginning of September when 80% of the population is vaccinated full Covid-19 vaccine.