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Singapura is considered the smallest cat in the world. It is characterized by its dress seal ticked tabby and is distinguished by the great affection it has for humans. He is a perfect companion cat who can easily move around in an apartment.

Singapura characteristics

Elegance and finesse, these are the characteristics that come to mind when it comes to describing Singapura. Unlike breeds like the Ragdoll for example, Singapura has a rather thin and muscular body of the semi-cobby type. It has a round head topped by two large, deep, triangular ears and sports a short muzzle. It has large almond-shaped eyes that can be hazel, yellow or green in color. Singapura wears a specific dress which is ivory in color, but with beige and brown highlights. The chin, the muzzle as well as the chest offer lighter tones. Note that the fur is always short and ivory.

Singapura has a rather slender and muscular body of the semi-cobby type

History of the Singapura breed

Its name alone already gives an idea of ​​the origins of this breed. Singapura therefore comes from South-East Asia, Singapore more particularly. He lives there in a semi-wild state. Moreover, in the country, it is not uncommon to see this cat roaming the streets. In 1970, the cat was imported to the United States. The recognition of the breed by the TICA will not take place until 1984. It will also be recognized as a natural breed in Singapore and will even be considered as a tourist mascot. The first specimens only landed in France at the end of the 1980s.

Singapura therefore comes from Southeast Asia, Singapore more particularly

Necessary living conditions and behavior of Singapura

The Singapura is an apartment cat par excellence. But to prevent him from destroying everything in the house, it is advisable to put a cat tree at his disposal. This breed is renowned for its calm and above all for its deep attachment to its owners. Singapura is very discreet and very gentle. He is always claiming affection from his masters. As he is also playful and curious, he will know how to offer joy to children. In addition, those who have other pets will have no problem because Singapura does not express any form of jealousy towards its other congeners.

Singapura kitten

Singapura diet and main health problems

As it is very sensitive to cold, Singapura must be protected from drops in temperature. To avoid colds, it should not be a victim of bad weather. So it’s best to keep it indoors as much as possible, especially when the weather is bad.

Singapura is not subject to any particular genetic problem. However, due to the low genetic diversity, inbreeding is likely to develop and lead to disease. Another thing, as he is sensitive to the ears and eyes, the care at this level must be done with the greatest attention to prevent infections.

Regarding his diet, it is just important that it is balanced, adapted to the physical activities he practices, his health and his age.

Singapura cat or kitten price

  • Singapura price male: 1,600 €
  • Singapura price female: € 1,700

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