Skiing, and other leisure activities: what if we draw lots? – EconomyMorning

The closing of ski resorts is stupid to cry! Certainly, a lot of abuse has been committed by bulldozing the easily ski area, and it would be good to put an end to the rampage of nature. But, if it is practiced in conditions respectful of the environment, skiing is an invigorating sport, able to restore energy in the current grayness. Is it possible to do something other than the pure and simple closing of the tracks? In the first place, cross-country skiing and ski touring should be revalued in public opinion, and additional courses should be developed where there are too few. But it cannot simply replace downhill skiing. Making it practicable despite the covid, with a strong reduction in attendance, would be much smarter than an absolute ban. Do not close, run at half load For health reasons, you should avoid queues at the ski lifts and have fewer people on the slopes. Why would that be impossible? It would suffice to halve the number of skiers present at the same time so that clusters due to the crowds do not occur. The trick is to know how to do this division. It would be very difficult without the use of computers, but by using this tool cleverly, one should be able to achieve it. Admittedly, it’s a bit late for this season, but if we don’t want to be in the same situation next year, it is now that we have to experiment with a system, which can be used in a few months in real life. grandeur if we still haven’t left the hostel – which is, alas, quite possible. Let us remind our ministers and our President that “to govern is to foresee”. What to do concretely? It is simply necessary that the people wishing to ski, or to go to a station, have to ask for the authorization, which would be granted within the limit of half of the capacities of the station in terms of ski lifts and accommodation. The requests, formulated and processed by computer, would be accepted, refused or put on hold according to rules suitably studied in order to maximize the rate of requests obtaining satisfaction during the season. Granted, the stations won’t fill up, but that would be better than shutting down outright. An increase in the number of days that can be taken as holidays for employees, schoolchildren and students would make it possible to increase the number of lifts carried out during the season beyond 50% of the current level: we must aim for a reduction in the number of days of skiing as modest as possible by spreading as much as possible the frequentation of the stations, by avoiding “empty” weeks and days. Of course, modest households will be more constrained by the inevitable tariff increases than very comfortable households, but on earth the budget constraint is, whether we like it or not, inescapable. To try to suppress it is to behave like Don Quixote loading the windmills. A computer reservation system for snow … Unique, the computer reservation system would detect cheaters trying to register several times, and deprive them of authorization for the whole season, as well as for the following season if the virus is rife again. People or families who were lucky in the draw would receive a badge with a chip, required to borrow a cable car, chairlift or ski lift. The payment of the package would be made upon confirmation of the stay by the computer system. Admittedly, these few indications only give a succinct idea of ​​what could be put in place for next winter – for this one, it’s a little late! Once the principle has been adopted, it will be necessary to move on to the modus operandi. France has good IT people, and experience in booking software, it should all be possible. Just be careful that the administration does not concoct for us one of those crappy software of which it has the secret, like the famous Louvois software for the pay of our soldiers! … And for many other occupations Let us add, in fine, that the idea which has just been exposed for winter sports can be adapted to other fields, such as theater, opera, circus , restaurants, museums, and probably various other sectors whose frequentation can generate clusters. Even religious ceremonies and weddings could be organized this way! If the virus proves to be indestructible within a reasonable time, if we have to find a way to “live with it”, which is unfortunately not excluded, computers can help us find a smarter solution than recourse. to containment. Let us adhere to the values ​​of Kipling, by adapting one of his most famous phrases: Keep your distance while continuing to live, refuse both health disaster and cultural, religious and sporting disaster, and you will be a man, my son!

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