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Who never, at least once in their life, didn’t want to have a slipper ?! Basically, slippers are soft shoes or slippers, used to rest your feet at the end of the day. Above all, they are increasingly in demand lately. With the increase in people at home, due to quarantine, demand has increased.

First, children are at the top of the search for the accessory. The varied formats and models are for them synonymous with fun. For adults, it is certainly synonymous with rest. In short, puppies, pandas, and all kinds of plush are produced to warm your feet in winter. However, make no mistake, this habit is not current.

Anyway, oddly enough, slippers have been present in history for a long time. The main purpose of its use was not to “warm the feet”, but to keep the environment clean. After all, the fabric used in the manufacture is ideal to avoid that dirt that usually comes with the shoes.

What is a slipper?


First, for those who don’t know, slippers are very soft shoes or slippers made from certain types of fabrics. Most of them are usually open or semi-open. The difference is in the upholstery, with which they are composed. This padding is responsible for giving the feet a feeling of softness and comfort.

However, there is yet another very important feature. The strength of slippers is their weight, which is literally almost zero compared to other types of shoes. Therefore, in addition to being fluffy and comfortable, they are light and completely guarantee the rest of the legs.

First of all, the positive characteristics in the utensil came, at last, to boost new ideas in production. Nowadays, just search to find a range of slipper options on the market. With this, the product can have exactly the face, the shape, the color, and the character that best matches the consumer’s personality.


Interestingly, slippers are inventions so old that their exact date of foundation does not even exist. Therefore, what we do know is that they were, above all, created and widely used in the 2nd century by the Orientals. At first, people used to come home with dirty feet and ended up taking the dirt into the house. Seeing this, they had the idea to create the slippers made for exclusive use inside the houses.

The most impressive thing about this custom is that sometimes slippers were even found inside coffins. As a way of paying homage to their owners, they were, above all, coated with gold and deposited with the deceased. Who knew soft shoes were, after all, so symbolic for the people of the East?

However, another important piece of information that may shock you, even more, is about the material used to produce it in the past. Do you know that corks that usually come in wine bottles? Well, this was the main source of its production. Called cork the material was used to produce the softest slippers and to keep the house clean for longer.

Slipper effect


In fact, since their emergence, slippers have become a fever around the world. But, different from the purpose of use before, they also gained the utility of heating, decorating, and entertaining users. The fever was so great that the styles and materials of manufacture changed and, finally, they expanded in such a way that today it is possible to obtain a huge list of choices.

From traditional models to slipper models, the intention is the same: to cause comfort. Some are usually more fluffy and full of artifacts such as unicorn faces, ears, and horns. Others allow more flexibility by leaving the toes or the heel out. But the important thing is to know what to do with them before choosing the best format.

Advantages vs. disadvantages


It is no lie that slippers really keep the house cleaner. But, on the other hand, they are also much more likely to soil the fabric and, consequently, are much more difficult to clean than conventional slippers. Strengths and weaknesses will always exist when comparing products.

Therefore, there is little care when it comes to extending the life of your slippers. Soft slippers also have another note to take into consideration. When you stop buying them, keep in mind that you are making an investment. Due to the material and the work, their prices are higher. Therefore, do good research before purchasing the product.

Finally, write down these basic tips to keep your slippers in good condition – and for longer. The daily care they should have will be very beneficial. After all, having one of these soft personalized slippers is the feeling of the moment when it comes to comfort and well being.

Models and styles for you to choose


Of course, a list of inspirations could not be missing here to better choose your slipper! The options below are quite varied and can be easily found. Above all, several sizes, models, colors, and plush are ready to be appreciated.

Remembering that everything depends on your goal. Some more “clean” models are on the list if you don’t need so much decoration and if it doesn’t exactly fit your personality. In fact, the products vary a lot according to the material, remember that. Therefore, do not deprive yourself of chasing and knowing exactly what you want.

1 – Pug slipper


2 – Lego slipper


3 – Duckling slipper

Vip Prices

4 – Silk Touch Pantufa – Niazitex


5 – Slipper semi-open slipper

Live Offer

6 – Slipper with slipper for fingers


7 – Plush slipper


8 – Kitten slipper

Minimalist World

9 – Pantufa Smile

Beautiful woman

10 – Panda slipper


11 – Unicorn Slipper

Free market

12 – 3D flamingo slipper


13 – sneaker

Only Pantufa

14 – Pig Slipper

My place

15 – soft booties


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