SMEs, VSEs, self-employed: what results after a year of health crisis? – EconomyMorning

With luck, starting tomorrow, and in the days and weeks to come, everything should get better and better.

The results of the health crisis

Closed businesses will be able to reopen, and economic activity should normally make an unprecedented jump in June. But the month of June will also be time to take stock for many VSE or self-employed SMEs.. they know how much the crisis has cost them, if they haven’t already put the key on the door.

Let us be clear: another battle begins: that of compensation for damage, because everything, far from it, has not been compensated. The proof: on Sunday a decree published in the Official Journal granted additional aid reserved for clothing, sports or travel goods stores. Aid that will almost double what was paid to them for the confinement of last November, intended to cover the losses caused by unsold stocks that will have to be cleared or sold off.

Ask what assistance you are entitled to

Other sectors are the seat of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance to obtain specific aid, and there is a good chance that their efforts will be successful. Why ? Because the government cannot afford the luxury of annoying even tens of thousands of owners of SMEs and the self-employed, and even less of seeing new unemployed people flock to Pôle Emploi in full wagons, because their companies will have been forced to close for lack of cash.

Conclusion: if your business has been strongly impacted by the crisis, pull your accountant by the sleeve to ask him what assistance you could claim. And watch what your tradespeople are saying in the media and on social media, so you don’t miss a thing.