SNCF: the group’s applications finally unified – EconomyMatin

It is a decision that many users were impatiently awaiting, the unification of SNCF applications. The rail carrier announced that the project was still in its infancy, however.

SNCF: a multitude of applications to buy your train ticket that lose the user

So you can buy your ticket on the application, but I also advise you to have the OUIGO application to be able to register your subscription and find your trains more easily. Otherwise you can always download Alert 3117 which allows you to keep abreast of any delays or to warn the SNCF in the event of a passenger accident for example, finally Assistant SNCF also keeps you informed of the state of rail traffic “.

The migraine is near, SNCF does not have one but six different applications. to buy his tickets and six others to keep up to date, register his discount card… Torture for users but also for SNCF agents who must explain everything to a totally lost traveler who does not understand how her phone memory and battery could have disappeared in one train ride.

Exit the seven applications, make way for a single amp

A torture which will however soon end. Exit, SNCF Assistant, TGV InOUI Pro, OUIGO Junior & Cie, Alert 3117 and En Gare, SNCF has taken the big decision to finally unify all of its applications at the heart of a single. Christophe Fanichet, CEO of SNCF Voyageurs, confirmed the group’s desire to have only one and the same application.

The project is still in its early stages, we will have to wait several months before you can download this unique new app and say goodbye to others. Many wondered about the why of this number of applications. Well, quite simply because the different SNCF services have each launched their application rather than working together to launch a single one.

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