SNCF tickets: large family fares not always the cheapest

For those who follow the Eco Minute day by day, I have news on the side of the SNCF and large family rates whose operation has been unsettling the holders of these cards for several months now.

Train tickets: large family fares not always the cheapest

The observation is as follows: parents trying to buy train tickets for their children or for themselves were surprised to find that the SNCF offered them more expensive tickets, with the large family card, than without a reduction card.

For example, a Toulon-Paris comes out at 49 euros with a 40% large family card, and at 36 euros with a promotional rate from the SNCF. The concern is that this promotional rate is not offered to the traveler, when he is looking for a ticket with his large family card checked as an option.

In other words, a beneficiary of a social tariff, provided for by law, can pay more than a standard traveler to make the same trip.

The new, more attractive SNCF program

SNCF responds to this by saying that the Benefits program that I told you about in the last Eco Minute is supposed to correct this kind of bias. In the coming days, the website and the mobile application should indicate to passengers that there are other more interesting fares than those offered with their reduction card.

However, this still poses a concern for consistency. Normally, the large family rate is intended to help large families to travel, giving them a price advantage. But if everyone pays the same price as they do, or even less in some cases, then this price is no longer necessary, he is even misguided.

On the other hand, one could imagine that the large family rate comes in addition to the promotional rate. A ticket offered in promo at 36 euros would for example be sold for 29 euros to the holder of a social tariff. Message sent to Alain Krakovitch, director of Voyages SNCF. It’s up to him to make us prefer the train!

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