Snoring, the main argument in bed (but not the only one!)

According to a recent survey, 44% of French people have already quarreled because of snoring in bed. A problem that concerns almost twice as many men as women. Does that surprise you ladies?

44% of French people have had an argument over snoring in bed

Does the person sharing your bed snore? If so, it’s a safe bet you’ve had a fight for this reason. According to an Ifop poll for carried out from April 20 to 21, 2021 among 1,014 adults, 44% of French people have already quarreled because of ronchopathy.

In detail, the survey reveals that “ the most sensitive to this inconvenience are women (48% have already had an argument on this subject) and those 35 and over (47%). This gender dimension is logically found for disputes arising from the respondent’s own snoring, which concern almost twice as many men (45%) as women (25%) “.

Bedtime, child, animal and bedtime meals: other areas of contention

While snoring is the number one reason for arguing with your partner in bed, it’s not the only one. 35% of respondents have already quarreled because of different bedtime within the couple, 23% because of accommodating a toddler in bed, 21% about a disagreement over the bedtime lights out, 19% from accommodating a pet in bed and 10% from eating in bed.

The survey also reveals that more than a quarter of French people are dissatisfied with their sleep (26% men and 32% women). Morality, the preferred place of residence of the French is not the bed (21%) but the sofa (27%) and the garden (24%). Other places to go to sleep?