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If you are always on top of the internet trends, you must have already crossed the term soft girl around. It is a trend of style that bets on the childish look of the girls, using and abusing light colors and “cute” accessories.

The internet is constantly launching new trends that soon fall in popular taste, especially those focused on young audiences. Proof of this is the high search for the term soft girl on social networks like TikTok and Instagram. In fact, it was in the video app where this new style called soft girl emerged and was consolidated, which has great influence of Asian culture and K-Pop bands.

Therefore, today we will learn more about what soft girl is, what characterizes the style, and the main influences.

What is soft girl


Soft girl in literal translation means soft girl, and that’s it since the trend bets on a soft, delicate, and very childish style. The style became popular mainly among teenage girls and is the biggest hit on social media, especially TikTok.

However, the concept is not quite a novelty, since in the past the so-called “Baby girls”, popular on Tumblr, bet on a very similar style, where the use of colorful and cheerful clothes predominated. In this style, pink and lilac are the predominant colors, but it does not exclude other light tones, such as candy colors, which combine a lot with the trend.

And it’s not just about the clothes, the whole look is thinking to look as childish and delicate as possible. Therefore, accessories such as earrings and heart necklaces, bows, and bracelets are part of the composition. As well as other cute items like teddy bears.

Therefore, the so-called soft girls are girls, especially teenagers who dress very delicately, betting on light colors and cute accessories and light make-up. Remembering a child’s look. And the number of young people who call themselves soft girls has been growing more and more, both on the internet and on a daily basis.

Trend in TikTok


The term, soft girl first appeared on the social network TikTok and it was a matter of time before searches for style grew absurdly. According to Google Trends, a metric platform for Internet searches, the search for the term soft girl in Brazil boomed in June last year and has been growing ever since.

The hashtag #SoftGirl already exceeds the mark of 120 thousand posts, including photos and videos of girls who dress inspired by the style. In this way, girls who call themselves soft girls accumulate thousands of likes and fans on the fast video platform.

And the success of the trend is no accident. The main influence of the soft girl style is Asian culture and k-pop. Both boy bands and Korean pop girl bands mostly bet on light and fun looks, and full of authenticity. Thus, because it is a genre that is very popular among teenagers, it also influences the way they dress and behave.

Popular styles


It is important to remember that soft girl is not the first or the only style that has been booming on TikTok and social networks lately. The so-called VSCO Girls and e-girls, which we have already talked about here in Área, are also quite popular on the internet and are the most successful among girls.

However, they are different styles, and be careful not to confuse, because each one likes to have their style well separated from the other. While soft girls bet on a light and delicate look, e-girls are the opposite, and bet on dark clothes, loaded makeup, chains, and other more striking accessories. A style reminiscent of emo, which was very successful in the 2000s, but now redesigned.

VSCO Girls, on the other hand, have a more basic and neutral style, very clean, betting on colors with white, gray, beige. The makeup is also very light, and the accessories are as simple as possible, nothing too colorful or eye-catching.

Soft girl inspirations

As stated earlier, the soft girl style bets on the childish and delicate look. Therefore, the looks of soft girls are basically very feminine and colorful pieces, light makeup, and a lot of pink and lilac. The accessories are key pieces for the composition of the looks, and delicate earrings and necklaces cannot be missing, usually with designs of pets and hearts. Therefore, we have selected some soft girls looks for you to have a better idea of ​​what style is.

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