Solidarity fund: 1.3% of the sums were unduly claimed

To help businesses bear the brunt of the health and economic crisis, the government has set up a colossal solidarity fund. Of the 4.9 billion euros paid, 64 million were unduly paid, according to the 2020 tax audit report, published by Bercy.

64 million euros unduly paid

In its report on the 2020 tax audit, published on Tuesday April 20, 2021, Bercy highlighted that 64 million euros had been unduly paid as part of the solidarity fund set up for the government to help companies put in place. financially hurt by the health crisis. This excess of payments was identified thanks to the 43,500 checks carried out by the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to these sums unduly paid, 1.8 million euros were requested even though the requesting company did not meet the conditions. Payments were blocked during the review of files. These undue requests represent 1.3% of all requests deposited with the solidarity fund.

Bercy controls decreased by 5% in 2020

Despite the efforts made, the checks carried out in 2020 on companies fell by 5% compared to 2019. Thus, in total, companies and individuals combined, 365,200 checks that were carried out in 2020 by the tax administration. Despite an almost stable control rate, the amount of sums collected fell by 30% to reach 8.2 billion euros. However, despite this decrease, the recovery rate increased by 8 points to 59%. In 2020, the controls of the tax administration enabled the collection of 7.79 billion euros.

During the checks carried out in 2020, 40% of companies and individuals have regularized their situation even before the end of their remote control. For controls in companies, 17% had the same reflex of regularization.