Soon train tickets at broken prices? – EconomyMorning

So here we are again talking about super cheap trains. The advantage of being a journalist specializing in economics for a few years is that you remember things. And the cheap trains have already been done to us on two or three occasions.

Low-cost trains

Quite honestly, the hot prices weren’t really there and today, in France, to go from point A to point B on a tight budget, it is often the bus that wins. I see it well with my boys when they have to travel.

However, it would indeed be a question of soon launch trains slower than TGVs, slower than the Ouigo, and therefore the prices would have nothing to do with those of high-speed trains. We are talking about a Paris Lyon Marseille, a Lyon Nice, a Paris Rennes, a Paris Nantes and a Paris Bordeaux to begin with.

Prices below those of the buses

Of course, in both directions. Nothing new under the sun: since these lines will not be provided by TGV, good old Corail trains will be used. History does not say at what prices these tickets could be sold, but it is a safe bet that the prices charged by Flixbus and others will be used as a reference.

If the SNCF is working on new fares, it is undoubtedly because the reduction cards have left a bitter taste to the millions of train users who have one. Whether they have paid a high price or have already benefited from a promotional rate, and despite the months offered to compensate for the confinements, few have amortized the cost of the card.

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