Space: petition calls for Jeff Bezos not to be able to return to Earth

A somewhat peculiar petition has been circulating for a few days on She demands that Jeff Bezos’ return to Earth after his flight into space be banned.

Jeff Bezos banned from returning to Earth

Petition to ban Jeff Bezos’ return to Earth “. This is what the ironic petition launched a few days ago on Change.Org was called. This petition campaigns for billionaire Jeff Bezos to be banned from returning to earth after his suborbital flight scheduled for July 20, 2021. On Wednesday June 16, 2021, the petition had already collected more than 10,000 signatures.

The most ironic petition is addressed to the rocket launch company Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos in 2000 and which will be behind the launch of the reusable New Shepard shuttle. The petition is very humorous in that it compares Jeff Bezos to Lex Luthor, Superman’s nemesis, and considers that “ This may be our last chance before they activate 5G chips and carry out a massive takeover. Vote for the petition. The fate of humanity is in your hands ”.

An inaugural flight on July 20, 2021

Other wacky demands in the petition include the mass departure of Jeff Bezos, Tesla boss Elon Musk, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Unfortunately for the signatories, the flight only plans to take Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark, as well as the winner of the June 12 auction who got his ticket for a whopping $ 28 million.

The New Shepard rocket, named after Alan Shepard, the first American astronaut in space, will take off on July 20, 2021 and will rise to an altitude of approximately 100 km. This altitude is considered by the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI) as the limit between space and the Earth’s atmosphere. A limit that NASA and the US Air Force place 20 km lower.