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In Europe, the sponsorship sector weighs 25.70 billion euros. It is estimated that around 80 to 90% of expenditure is devoted to sport, of which 50% is devoted to football.

The sponsorship of football by gambling companies associated with online platforms has been raising questions for some time within the European community. Some experts consider that this type of sponsorship leads, especially young people, to gambling addiction, over-indebtedness and ultimately to additional costs in terms of public health.

In order to prevent and curb the consumption of gambling, certain European countries are planning to toughen their legislation concerning the sponsorship of football clubs by casino or sports betting platforms. While the entire football planet is hit by the health crisis and its economic consequences, these proposed new restrictions are viewed with a negative eye by the major European football clubs.

In Europe not all housed in the same boat

The legislation on sponsorship of clubs by online gaming platforms differs from one country in Europe to another. The evolution of the percentage of sponsorship made by sports betting companies is not the same from one country to another.

In Germany, the level of sponsorship in the Bundesliga has remained more or less stable in recent years, clubs are allowed to enter into partnerships with bookmakers but are not allowed to display their logo on shirts.

La Liga in Spain has seen fluctuations in investments over the past few years with a peak in 2008 during the financial crisis. There is currently an upward trend due to the health crisis and also with a view to possible restrictive measures that the government is preparing to vote on.

In France and Italy, Ligue 1 and Serie A, the situation of sponsorship by players in gambling is rather stationary. This is due to the fact that France controls betting activity very strictly. The Italian government, meanwhile, passed a law in 2019 that outlaws partnerships between sports betting companies and sports leagues.

Finally in England and Belgium, Premier League and Jupiler Pro League, sponsorship has increased in recent years due to rather loose legislation in the field of sports betting. This upward trend, due to Covid-19, is expected to continue in the times to come.

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