Sports socks over leggings: the new trend that is dominating

If wear white socks with sandals it already horrified us at the time, the fashion world goes further and begins 2021 with a remarkable trend, which will not leave anyone indifferent and which can cause a lot of damage-in sight. The socks (white or any color) are used over the leggings.

As it is better to see than to explain, street style – as well as fashion brands – offer us endless proposals to show us that the trend is real.

The street shows us different ways to bet on this “new” fashion


Sports sock over legging

We don’t know if this translates into the desire to innovate or shows us that the fashion world needs to start from scratch again, but this trend promises to be a favorite at the beginning of the year. Whether with colored leggings or the classic black design, fashionistas go further and offer sporty looks to go out on the street where this accessory is the protagonist.







Although the vast majority of them wear their clothes with sports shoes, other girls want to combine this peculiar trend with flat summer sandals, such as papetes.

It is better not to say that “I will not drink this water”, because we already know that fashion is so unpredictable that until tomorrow we may like this combination.

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