Spring frost: fruit prices on the rise

Between 8 and 10 euros per kilo. This is a priori what you will have to pay to offer yourself a kilo of cherries this year. This is 20% more than last year.

Less harvest this year, fruit prices increase

In question, the late frost episodes that hit a large part of France last April, and which in places destroyed all of the crops, and not just those of cherries. Apricot trees, for example, have also been hit, as have peach trees. It is estimated that two thirds of the harvests of cherries, peaches and nectarines have been lost. The volumes of plums, apples, pears and grapes available to consumers are expected to fall by 30% on average.

Nevertheless, this fruit shortage does not impact the prices of all products, because competition continues to play: especially with foreign producers. Thus, imported peaches or nectarines allow prices to remain in the same range as last year on average. Only apricots are 10 to 15% more expensive.

Sell ​​your cherries, peaches, apricots

What’s more, like some farmers, but not all, are insured, it is not ONLY the consumer who will pay the price for the catastrophic weather of last spring.

Now, if you have a significant number of fruit trees and they have escaped the frost, your fruits may find a taker, especially from canneries. Do not hesitate to contact your departmental chamber of agriculture.

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