Stacking washing machine and dryer: what precautions?

Can you put your dryer on your washing machine without any problem? Have you ever asked yourself this question – especially if you are looking to save space in your home? It’s a tempting idea: move freshly washed laundry so that it is dried in one simple gesture. What should you pay attention to if you are doing this? What are the simplest and safest solutions?

Putting your tumble dryer on your washing machine: pros and cons


  • You save space! The attached tumble dryer and washing machine require at least four feet of space under your kitchen counter or in the bathroom.
  • If you place the two devices in one and the same vertical cabinet, you have space both in this cabinet but also next to it to store detergent, stain remover, fabric softener, etc.


  • In the event of incorrect assembly, i.e. if you place the dryer directly above your washing machine for example, your two appliances may be damaged and the damage incurred, including that caused to your neighbor remain at your expense.
  • Repairs get complicated because you have to remove the dryer from the top of the washing machine before you can repair it or else repair your washing machine.

Place your dryer on your washing machine to make it easy and safe

Before you start, there are a few things that you need to take into account for your project to work properly and also so that there are no issues with damage – especially if you refer it to your insurance company. Because some refuse to take charge of damage when minimum safety conditions have not been respected. Of course, it is not possible to simply stack your dryer directly on top of your washing machine. Because then both devices could break down very quickly. In the event of a claim, there is a high probability that you will be financially harmed or even left behind, as your insurance would not have to pay due to inadequate security measures. So invest the time and properly install your dryer on your washing machine. What do you need to put your dryer on your washing machine?

Rubber shock-absorbing pads

Often included in the delivery, rubber shock absorbers are glued to the washing machine, into which the dryer feet usually fit exactly – provided, of course, that you have measured the shock absorbers and dryer feet. -loth in advance.

A stacking kit in the form of a tablet

A connecting frame or middle frame is usually screwed directly to the top of the washing machine so that your dryer can then be inserted using rails. Although there are universal frames for all models, you can use a special manufacturer frame so that everything will fit exactly.

An anti-vibration mat

Maybe you already have a non-slip mat under your washing machine so that it cannot move due to vibrations during spinning? This mat can also be optimally used to keep the dryer stable on your washing machine. Of course, the dryer is not protected from a possible lateral tilting.

Do all dryers fit all washing machines?

Devices that overlap are those that can support the weight of each other and have corresponding dimensions. If your dryer is wider than your washing machine, then you cannot stack them because the rack is not secure. Also check that your washing machine is placed on an even floor. You can easily do this with a spirit level. Because the washing machine must of course be placed flat so that on the one hand it cannot move and on the other hand you can safely place a dryer on it. Obviously, make sure your washing machine has a front loader, i.e. it can be filled from the front. If you have a top loading machine, of course, no other device can be placed on it. It is generally advisable to stack two devices of the same brand on top of each other. Because these are usually the same size and often include mounting hardware. It’s also convenient that you don’t have to contact multiple manufacturers if you have questions or issues.

Can I also put a washing machine on a tumble dryer?

Due to the strong vibrations caused by a washing machine during spinning, it should not be placed on a tumble dryer.

How do you know if your washing machine can take weight?

Manufacturers usually indicate in the instructions for use of a washing machine whether it can support the weight of a second appliance or whether the appliance is suitable for placing a tumble dryer. So find out in advance whether your washing machine is suitable and how much weight of the dryer you can place on it.

In short, how do you properly place your dryer on top of your washing machine?

Once you have verified the size and weight of your dryer and your washing machine is on a level surface, nothing stands in the way of your project. The most suitable method of placing the dryer on your washing machine is probably the stacking kit – preferably obtained directly from the manufacturer. Because this variant is particularly safe and stable thanks to the rail system and prevents unintentional tipping.