Stellantis and Renault cars popular with thieves

Car thieves were very interested in certain models of Stellantis (PSA) and Renault last year. Due to the health crisis, however, the number of flights was significantly reduced in 2020.

Between confinements and the curfew, car thieves did not have it easy last year! The number of vehicle thefts fell by 13% compared to 2019. According to the ranking ofAuto Plus, French models were highly prized by thieves, with the DS7 Crossback (Stellantis) and the Mégane Rs and Clio 4 (Renault) on the podium of the most stolen vehicles. This classification of 165 models was established according to the number of thefts reported to a sample of 10,000 vehicles insured by 14 insurance companies, mutual societies and banks, on a fleet of 20 million cars.

Decrease in the number of flights

Auto Plus therefore awarded the prize for the most stolen vehicle to the DS7 Crossback, an SUV signed Stellantis / PSA, which was particularly prized by a network dismantled at the beginning of the year. Auto Plus notes the model’s “vulnerable” opening system: thieves were equipped with falsified electronic keys to open cars without difficulty. Including this recent model (released in 2018). A lesson for Stellantis… And also for the Renault group, whose Mégane RS and Clio 4 occupy the rest of the podium. The first is always well rated on the second-hand market, as for the second it is its spare parts that sell very well. Ideal targets for thieves.

Weak security systems

The publication also points to the “weak” opening and starting systems of the two vehicles at the Losange, as well as “ easy access to its OBD socket (diagnostic socket, which provides access to vehicle information) “. The Mégane 4 comes in fourth, then the Smart Fortwo completes the top 5 most stolen vehicles last year. The small city car was number 1 last year.

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