Straight sofa or corner sofa: how to choose according to your room?

Furniture is central to an interior. Have you noticed how they create or not a good atmosphere, a certain atmosphere mixing comfort and intimacy? One piece of furniture in particular occupies a prime place: the sofa. You will notice the variety of models offered on the modern furniture market! Therefore, in order to decide which sofa will best suit your home, on the one hand you need to know the size of your room and on the other hand the color, texture as well as the desired shape of your sofa. Take a look at the basic shapes and find out which sofa suits you best: a straight sofa or a corner sofa.

The specificities of straight sofas

Some straight sofas are so-called static sofas while others can be transformed into a bed. Often the sofas that do not convert have deep seats. Those with high seats provide additional comfort. The sofas that convert into a bed are particularly characterized by their functionality. During the day, you can relax here watching TV or reading a book. At night these sofas turn into comfortable beds. If you adapt the dimensions of the bed and the mechanism of transformation into bed to your interior, you are sure to offer comfort to your family members or your guests. Each of the straight sofa models therefore has an advantage: whether it is a deep or high seat, the possibility of being transformed into a bed or even the possibility for those who cannot be transformed into a bed to integrate into the smallest spaces. because compact.

The specificities of corner sofas

We rarely think of a corner sofa in a small studio or in a small space. On the contrary, corner sofas are usually placed in rooms of medium or large size. By choosing a corner sofa, you can choose to delimit your room in different zones. Of course, corner sofas can fit in a room with a small area, as long as it is not overloaded with other furniture. If you have a corner in your home that you never use, you can transform it with a corner sofa into an area to rest comfortably.

Corner sofas can also be transformed into beds. It all depends on the shape of your sofa. Some have the shape of the letter L, others of the letter U. And some models are in one piece, once your choices are made, everything is done in the factory and the elements are permanently fixed to the frame. So if you need to make any changes, you have to go through experienced professionals. When other models are composed of blocks which can be modified at any time. These sofa blocks can have very different shapes. There are products with slightly less common shapes such as semicircles or zigzags.

What are the main features of a corner sofa?

  • Some offer drawers that give you extra storage and storage area.
  • Due to its large size, especially if it is made in one piece, the corner sofa can be problematic during transport and during installation.
  • The armchairs of the corner sofas are perhaps a little harder than those of the straight sofas.
  • Some corner sofas offer the possibility of being split in two and turning into two separate beds: one can be used by adults and the second can serve as a child’s bed.
  • The corner sofa is not reserved for the living room. It can be installed in a bedroom, why not a children’s room. Some people dare it in the kitchen.

Angle or right: how to choose the right sofa?

Whether straight or corner, the sofa can be used in any room of your home. It all depends of course on its size.

In summary :

The right sofa:

  • generally suitable for your living room and bedroom and hallway
  • has a deeper seat
  • costs less than the corner sofa
  • allows two sofas to be installed in the same room facing each other.

The corner sofa:

  • suitable for your living room, kitchen and children’s bedroom
  • looks modern and luxurious;
  • allows you to furnish the corners of a room that have remained vacant
  • offers a large number of seats
  • allows you to divide the space into different areas
  • is comfortable and practical.

Angle or straight, which sofa is right for you?

Which sofa is right for you depends on the size of your home. A straight sofa fits best in a small room, while a corner model works best for medium to large rooms. When buying a corner sofa, make sure that the room does not already have too much furniture, otherwise it will quickly look cluttered. If you have frequent visits from relatives and friends who are staying overnight, you should consider a model with a mechanism that allows you to transform into a bed. Straight sofas and corner sofas generally have this very popular function. It all depends on the exact dimensions of your room. Of course, if the room has complicated dimensions that make it difficult to choose the right furniture, the sofa can also be made to order. So you can be sure that the product is a perfect match for you and your room.

Before buying, be sure to try on the sofa for comfort. It is also recommended to check the smoothness of the coating and the ease of use of the bed conversion mechanism, if applicable.

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