Streaming: what is the price that the French are prepared to pay? – EconomyMorning

The data is more than interesting, in particular for the platforms concerned: what is the price that the French are ready to pay for a streaming service? A complex question when the platforms are in fierce competition and the margins are lower. The temptation to increase the monthly cost of the service is great… at the risk of driving customers away.

10 euros: the amount that has become the norm for streaming

According to a study carried out by the Trade Desk, the answer is quickly found … streaming services have little interest in raising prices too much and will have to continue to align with the amount that has now become customary for these services: 10 euros.

51% of French people, according to the study, do not want to pay more than 10 euros per month for the streaming service, in any case excluding options. The French are also rather stingy: the British are only 23% who do not want to spend more than 10 euros for a subscription.

However, the platforms have a little leeway: 15% of respondents in France by The Trade Desk say they do not want to pay more than 15 euros per month (23% in the United Kingdom) and 16% of the French are even ready to put up to 20 euros.

Advertising: a new economic model?

And if the streaming platforms have been successful in offering on-demand services, it is also the absence of advertising that has seduced, while the spots are legion on television. But now consumers want some kind of turning back.

If the streaming service were free, then nearly one in two French people would accept advertising to finance it and even 23% would be ready to opt for a hybrid model: a paid subscription but less expensive with a little advertising.

But beware: there is no question of redoing the television mistake. If the advertisement is integrated, it will be before or after the content. 77% of French people would refuse an advertisement that interrupts the experience.