Street Style, what is it? How to wear and street fashion trends

When we talk about fashion in this whole universe, we immediately think of catwalk, stunning and extravagant looks. However, these looks do not always fit on all occasions, and these trends end up being explored only in fashion editorials. But if there is a trend that is always on the rise, it is street style, which is just the opposite of what is seen on the catwalks. Street style is exactly what people are using in their lives.

Street style is the fashion of real life, the one that happens every day everywhere. And it is not by chance that this trend has revolutionized the fashion world, making it more fun and democratic. We are talking about a style that comes from everyday life, where people have the freedom to dare and express themselves as they really are and create their own style. The inspiration of street style is individual and plural and comes from comfort and convenience, while still being beautiful.

Therefore, today we will learn more about street style, and how this trend has revolutionized fashion.

Street Style

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The English term street style is widely used in this fashion universe, and it means exactly the style of the streets. That is, it is the trend of looks used by ordinary people in their daily lives. However, it does not stop being stylish looks and mainly full of personality.

In fact, a word that defines the concept of street style well is personality, since each person has their own style, the result of several different influences.

Street style has started to attract the attention of fashionistas in recent years, especially with the popularization of digital influencers. Today with the internet, it is much easier to share different everyday looks that are true productions.

Furthermore, this trend that is not new, but which has been increasingly explored lately, is a form of liberation. According to that premise that you are the fashion designer. And that fits a lot in the street style since authenticity is what defines your style.

And make no mistake, street style fashion is not limited to just comfortable pieces, but to a combination of colors, textures, accessories, and everything else that creativity allows. It is a way of expressing yourself and valuing your personal tastes.

And this is directly linked to contemporary trends and catwalks, but in a personalized and adapted way. It is not enough just to bet on stylish pieces, but to know how to use it in an original way and that matches who you are.

Trend that revolutionized fashion


And this trend of a more urban and natural style, managed to change the fashion world, taking its influences to the catwalks all over the world. That’s right, street fashion managed to enshrine many trends that reached the catwalks, such as cropped top, midi skirt, chokers, and many others.

In addition, nowadays websites specializing in street style fashion are very popular, serving as a source of inspiration. Especially because it is easier to identify with ordinary people, while they are living their routine and wearing a fully personalized outfit.

And that caught the attention of the designers and brands that started looking at what is doing well on the streets. It is a way of predicting the trends to come, and also as a way of measuring what was or was not adopted from the proposals displayed on the catwalks and editorials.

This way, both the catwalks and the streets are in tune, making fashion increasingly accessible and democratic.

How to use Street Style

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There is not much secret, much fewer rules to adhere to street style. Especially because, as previously said, it is an individual style of people in their daily lives. Therefore, the idea is that people can wear clothes and accessories that express their personality and personal taste. And that includes more comfortable looks that fit every occasion.

However, this does not mean that the style is free of standards. It is necessary to take some care so that the look is harmonious. In this style, what is most successful is the mixture of colors and prints so that the pieces and accessories talk to each other.

In addition, it is a timeless and accessible trend, meaning you can adhere to the style at any time or season. Running away from those rules dictated by fashion.

To choose your style, the tip is to get to know yourself well and what you like. That is, observe which trends suit you the most, which styles you like best, and especially, which pieces of your wardrobe you would not live without. In the case of women, the key pieces of this style are short shorts, jeans that never go out of style, dresses, leather jackets, T-shirts, sneakers, and so on.

But the most important thing is not to be afraid to dare and be who you are. This tendency gives you the freedom to use and abuse creativity.

Street Style Trends

And finally, let’s get to know the street style trends for the next season for you to be inspired. Check out what will be on the rise.

  • Leather
  • Cardigan
  • Vibrant colors
  • Chess
  • Matching accessories
  • Wide-shaped trousers

Anyway, what did you think of this article? In fact, take the opportunity to also check out tips on how to combine maxi dresses.

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