Student insecurity: towards a “meal voucher” for students? – EconomyMorning

The precariousness of students, which was a reality before Covid-19 but of which the government seems to have only become aware of the health crisis, continues to make headlines and fuel the debates. Everyone has their own solution: universal income, student loan to be repaid under conditions … latest idea: the dedicated restaurant voucher.

A meal voucher paid for half by the State?

Not sure that this new idea to fight against student insecurity will come to an end, but Anne-Laure Brin, MP Les Républicains, is despite everything supported by about sixty MPs, mainly from her camp. It offers a “student meal ticket”, in the bill it tabled in the National Assembly on February 9, 2021.

The principle is exactly the same as the well-known one for classic meal vouchers. The only difference is that while it is the employer who takes charge of part of the value of the restaurant voucher, it would be the State that would supplement it, despite everything leaving part to be borne by the student.

The idea would be a ticket at 6.60 per day, paid at 50% by the state and 50% by the student (3.30 euros being the price of the meal at the social rate at CROUS).

Help the students, yes, but by making it complicated

The bill from the deputy Anne-Laure Brin would effectively help students to eat or even do their shopping … Above all, it aims to provide a long-term response whereas the one-euro CROUS meals are not intended to be sustainable.

However, it is complicating things for nothing: the student would have to pay 3.30 euros anyway, to recover 6.60 euros. It would be much easier to offer all students without exception a card worth 3.30 euros per day, or 99 euros (which could be rounded up to 100 euros for simplicity) to spend on catering or groceries. The cost for the state would be the same, but not for the student who would not have to pay a euro.

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