Student meals: how to help them? – EconomyMorning

Today I am speaking to the 2.6 million students who are many, like many other categories of French, to be in a difficult situation.

Intermarché offers 10 euros vouchers to students

The almost total disappearance of odd jobs on the one hand, and the drop in parents’ income on the other, which limits or prevents the help, puts hundreds of thousands in a situation of monumental galley.

We can therefore only welcome Intermarché’s gesture for them. Until Monday, February 8, students who spend 20 euros in one of the group’s 1,840 stores will receive a voucher of 10 euros in return. Obviously, we can work together to reach the threshold of 20 euros, and then share the voucher.

Meal: be generous and attentive with your neighbors

Now, if you have students around you, for example, on the same landing or in the same building, normally I would say invite them over to dinner. But because of the pandemic, it’s not the best idea in the world. So, let’s come back to the good old methods, those that my parents passed on to me with the place of the poor who remained empty at the table.

When you prepare a family meal, save a portion and offer it to that student neighbor. Even if he is not as struggling as others, it will inevitably please him, but also good … The same is also valid for this elderly person whom we do not see often, and who at this moment no longer dares to go out. Or for this mother who is raising her child on her own.

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