Suez Canal: the boat freed but … – Economy

The information is more than important for the whole of world trade: the boat stuck in the Suez Canal would have been released on the night of March 28 to 29, 2021. But nothing has been decided yet for the waiting boats .

5 days later, the Ever Given is unstuck

The good news came from InchCape Shipping Services: “ The MV Ever Given was successfully re-launched at 4:30 a.m. on March 29, 2021 », We can read on a tweet published at 5:16 am on March 29, 2021 by the company. A success which follows the failure of the operations suffered on Friday March 26, 2021 and which had in fact lengthened the waiting time for the other boats.

The MV Ever Given will therefore have remained almost 6 days stuck across one of the most used sea lanes in the world., and will have become a real sensation on the Internet, Internet users have not missed the opportunity to take photos of real works of irony and humor.

A huge cost that will increase further

The fact remains that from an economic point of view, the cost of that which appears, according to the first investigations, a human error is enormous: each day when the traffic remained at a standstill in the Suez Canal will have cost several billion dollars, about 9.6 billion according to estimates.

In fact, the cost of blocking the canal until the boat is released will have been close to $ 60 billion … but it is likely to increase further.

If the Ever Given has been refloated, it will be necessary to wait for the control operations before authorizing it to sail again, then probably wait for it to leave the canal at reduced speed … before authorizing the boats stuck behind. and in front of him to cross the Suez Canal.

The traffic jams that have formed at the two mouths could slow down operations, since it will also be necessary to clear the way for it and allow it to pass.