Summer holidays: pay attention to the dates if you need the second dose

On June 30, 2021, in theory, the curfew will disappear: exactly in time for the summer holidays much awaited by the French. But the vaccination of the population is still in progress… and it is not certain that the second dose will be able to be received at the resorts. The French are therefore called upon to make sure they are at home for this second meeting.

Vaccination and summer vacation: towards the big mess?

While since Wednesday May 12, 2021, vaccination has been open to all adults over 18 years old (in the event of an excess dose for 18-49 year olds), the time between the first and the second dose (mandatory to have a effective immunity) raises questions. The deadlines are indeed very variable: from 21 days for the Pfizer vaccine to around 10 weeks for the AstraZeneca. The calculation is therefore quickly done: depending on the date of the first dose and the vaccine, the second may fall in the middle of summer vacation.

However, the French risk not being at home on this date. What create a major problem to achieve immunity … and a real logistical nightmare. The government is looking into it, but directives have already been given.

Fix the holidays… according to the vaccination?

The Ministry of Health, Tuesday, May 11, 2021, reminded that the injection of the second dose of vaccine must be done ” in the center where we had our first dose “. Understand: the French should not be on vacation at this time. Exceptions exist today, but these are compelling reasons such as a move between the two injections, a work requirement …

Aware of the problem that the summer holidays will pose, it would be a question, for the government, of planning the displacement of the population and to strengthen the distribution of doses in holiday resorts in order to prevent the French from missing this meeting. But nothing has been decided… and it seems obvious that this development will only concern certain very touristic regions.