Summer holidays: SNCF sells 5 million tickets at low prices

From May 3 to 19, 2021, SNCF is launching a sale of 5 million low-cost train tickets. These can be used for Ouigo, Inoui and Intercités.

5 million tickets for the summer

SNCF chose May 3, 2021, the day on which deconfinement began, to launch its operation to sell train tickets at low prices for the summer holidays. Thus, between May 3 and 19, 2021, 5 million banknotes at 39 euros will be put on sale, for reservations from Ouigo, Inoui and Intercités until August 29, 2021.

These tickets are available for 3,000 destinations. The SNCF has also planned small prices for the youngest, since for those under 12, tickets are offered at a single price: 8 euros. It is possible to buy several tickets, the SNCF offer is not limited to one ticket per buyer.

SNCF Voyageurs CEO Christophe Fanichet explained to the Parisian the purpose of this sale: ” This operation aims to help the French to plan their holidays in France, in 3,000 destinations. Over the period, this represents one in four TGV places at this price “.

Increase in bookings in May

The initiative proposed in theory for the summer holidays, the tickets at low prices are also available for the month of May and for the bridges of Ascension and Pentecost which are fast approaching. So, SNCF trains will start to circulate again in greater quantities.

SNCF forecasts that 80% of its trains will be in circulation for the weekend of May 8, 2021 against 40% currently. For the Ascension and Pentecost bridges, 100% of the trains will run to allow the French to travel throughout the country.