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Now is the time to support French producers at the start of February. While the Ministry of Agriculture has created an email address to report prices that are too low and do not allow farmers to be fairly remunerated, Burger King offers its customers potatoes in order to support the industry which has been hit by the closure of restaurants. Two different strategies, one is nice, the other less.

Report prices too low for a fair remuneration of farmers

Since the 2000s, French agriculture has experienced difficulties. On the one hand, its workforce is causing it to lose its competitiveness compared to other countries and on the other hand, the big brands are trying to pull prices down. It is precisely to fight against ” practices that violate law enforcement and the fair remuneration of our farmers »That the Ministry of Agriculture has just created a mail address to report low prices and labeling errors on agricultural products.

A civic act but which may not necessarily meet with enormous success in times of economic crisis. Unfortunately, when the end of the month is difficult, we tend to look for the lowest prices without knowing who is on the other end of the chain.

Potatoes donated by Burger King to support the industry

When you don’t have a lot of money, it’s well known that you eat potatoes. And that’s good because Burger King will offer it to its customers. The American fast food chain has just launched the operation ” Let’s give the potato back to French producers “. It began on Candlemas Day, February 2, 2021. Between the pancakes and the tartiflette, it will therefore be necessary to choose (although)!

This marketing operation consists of offering fast-food customers a net of one kilo of potatoes and allows Burger King to offer itself a nice publicity stunt. The 200 tonnes of tubers come from six companies located in Hauts-de-France. This gesture helps support the industry which is suffering from the closure of restaurants. And for good reason, in France, 4 out of 5 fries are eaten outside the home.

You too, take a good resolution: keep buying potatoes in 2021. Say yes to tartiflettes, raclettes, shepherd’s pie and homemade fries. And mash, make it good, this new year », We read on the fillet of potatoes offered by Burger King. A good resolution to support French producers who will be, it is a safe bet, more popular than the reporting email address intended to denounce the too low prices.

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